Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Sick of It

I'm sick of my blog. Seriously sick of it. I've had enough of my blog to last me two lifetimes. No really. I'm sick of looking at it.

No, no.....not the design. It's fantastic, I'm head over heels with the facelift. The only problem is that when I was having Chelsea do the design there was something I didn't understand. We can chalk this up to my computer-dumbness.

She asked me what categories I wanted across that top menu bar and what I wanted in the drop down menu. My goal was to get things organized but I must have somehow believed that it will all happen like magic. Poof.

Imagine my shock when Chelsea informed that I need to create labels for my posts and those labels would be what linked to the menu bar.



Labels the posts?

All 570 posts? Let me spell that out - FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY!!!!

I had made a lame attempt at labeling awhile back but early this afternoon I thought I'd give it shot because what good is a new design if nothing works? I dove in to the task but soon I was thinking about going upstairs and sewing. I made myself stay in front of the computer because I have a terrible habit of leaving things half finished. The thought of having to come back and finish at a later time was more than I could bear, so I trudged on.

Feel free to click above and see how it works. Thanks for reading because honestly I'm sick of it!!! Shampooing the carpet sounds exciting to me.


Marfa (formula for a life) said...

I can fully understand and commend you on actually labeling ALL your posts in one afternoon. When I started blogging I thought I had to be really descriptive with my labels, so I had over one hundred of them. Can you imagine? I would give each post like 3 or 4 labels, sometimes more. Now I give it one or two, and if the post is about nothing in particular, I have a special "Ramblings" label and I stick the post in Don't let something that is supposed to be fun become a chore. If you fall behind in your labeling, who cares? Its not a job, its FUN! Nobody is going to fire you for not being up to date on your labeling ;-D

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the design...but I'd never be able to label them like that either! blessings, marlene

cityfarmer said...

this shall pass .....maybe, hehe

carry on

Lisa said...

Will you come to Alabama and shampoo my carpet then??? I've been telling my husband that we need to do this for months and it still hasn't happened. Why do I think he will jump on my observations and go and get the shampooer (?) on his own?? Oh well...

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I had a similar issue when I decided to move all my blog friends to its own page....I had to do it all manually, and didn't want to leave anyone out...and there is no way to move a bunch at a time! I just about got arthritis in my hips sitting that long!

Susan said...

Nice job and a lot of work. I have taken the time to search through your blog in the past looking for specific posts. This will be so much faster. BTW, hoping the book arrives this week. I also have been practicing patience, but I am very anxious to receive it. :-)

Lucy said...

I've thought the same thing. I've never labeled the posts and I've wondered more than once if I should have done it. But to do it now.............!

bv said...

oh dear...don't dispair. i need you here in blog world would not be the same. and you thought I should have a blog??? i would be nuts at this point! hang in

Jody Blue said...

I think you forgot to label this post

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh no, it is so hard to change. I just hate it when my computer doesn't do what I tell it!!LOL

Suzanne said...

Marfa - When I originally labeled some of my posts, I was like you - tons of labels. Oh, what a mess I created. I had to simplify, simplify, simplify!! I certainly need a "rambling" lable. HA.

Marlene - Sure you could. I could help. I have lots of experience!

City Farmer - It did pass but I needed to stick to the task, which I'm not very good at.

Lisa - I will come and shampoo your carpet. I bought myself a carpet machine a couple of years ago and I've put it to good use.

Joni - I thought about doing that but I just can't figure it out. I'm leaving things alone for awhile.

Susan - My intention was to make it easier to search for things like recipes and craft tutorials. I had no idea where to put the laundry soap recipe, so I put in under Cooking!!! The book is on it's way. I mailed it last Thursday (I think). Everything is a blur after that marathon yesterday.

Lucy - Yes! I should have started from the beginning, but in the beginning I thought I had no need for labels.

bv - I still think you need a blog!!

Jody - There are some posts that simply defy labels!! I think I'm going to have to use Marfa's idea of a "rambling" label.

Alison - Change is very hard. Learning new stuff is even harder at my age.

Thanks everyone for visting and taking the time to comment.

Jill said...

Oh Suzanne, that just doesn't sound fun at all!!!

Arlene said...

Good job.
Pat yourself on the back.
Give a big high five.
You can be proud.

Robyn said...

Suzanne I love the new face lift. It's clean and simple and easy to get into. I don't have Broadband so everything is very slow. Trying to visit a blog with many layers of colour and pattern takes so long. The first layer appears and blots out all the print so one can't read the post until all the layers are loaded. I'm sure I'm not making any sense at all but, in a nutshell, it just means I can visit your blog again. I've missed you!