Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Tale of Two Paint Colors

Work continues today on the laundry room. Just a bit more tiling and we need to re-install the cabinet and laundry tub.

The painting is done and I'm going to be making some new window treatments. Thanks for all your input on the paint colors.

We decided to choose a color that was a bit brighter than a sage green.

The Farmer and the Other Mother insisted that the color on the bottom would be perfect. It's called Grass Cloth.

I said no, too dark.

They said yes.

I bought one of those sample jars. These are great because you don't need to commit to a gallon ($23) or a quart ($11). The little sample jars are $5.

Painted a strip on the wall.

Too dark.

Who knew?

Me, that's who.

No big deal. I knew from the start that the top color was perfection.

Why? The name........ Corn Husk Green. What could be more perfect for a laundry room that's smack dab in the middle of a million acres of northern Illinois dent corn?

It's a very refreshing color in contrast to the clean white of the new tile and appliances.

We chose the shiny tile and it reflects the vines growing right outside the window on the porch.

If I ever have to get another real job, I want to work as the person who names paint colors. Seriously, that's got to a fun gig. I could easily sit around and make this stuff up all day long. Here's a few:

Baby Poop Brown (We ALL know what that looks like)
Pepto Pink (There was a house nearby painted in this color)
Sand Pebbles
Corn Silk
Spaghetti Sauce Red
Dust Bunny
Soap Scum

So we see a pattern developing here?

Anyway, have you ever thought of names for paint colors? Try it, it's fun!


JC said...

Names of the paint ... too funny

I like the color you picked.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Very nice color

Susan said...

You are definitely on the right track with your color choice.

Steph said...

I can't wait to start picking out colors for our new house! I have some picked out, but some rooms like the living room and master bedroom, I can't decide!

Anonymous said...

When I purchased my SUV I wanted the one that the manager of the dealership was driving.. it's a tan or gold color. Perfect. He asked why I didn't want the brown one on the lot... I told him because it was baby poop brown. He didn't like that response, but sold me the one he had been demo-ing anyway. I told him HE could drive the baby poop brown one.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

I think there actually is a paint color called Sand Pebble.
Baby poop brown! Would you believe a large condo building nearby has that as an exterior color, with a celery type shade next to it?
You picked a perfect paint color.

Farmchick said...

I once found a paint color with the name, Creeping Jenny. My son thought it sounded like the name of a rock band. I like your paint choice.

Jody Blue said...

The house next door to us was pepto pink for 14 years, a couple of years ago she painted it a light tan, except for the back of the back porch. On a sunny day it has a pink hue. When ever we would explain where we lived people would say "oohhh next to the pink house" --yep that would be the one!

This is me... said...

I am absolutely convinced they put a bunch of people in a room, get them drunk and say name these paint colors.

Love the color you picked btw.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey there Suzanne. Your choice of paint color is really pretty, love the green. And yes how fun would that job be,,,, I bet I could come up with some great names for paint colors..... I will make a list and just might have to do a short post on now the ones you came up with are really interesting...

Have a great weekend.


Brenda said...

Love your paint names. I have often thought that would be a great job to have.

Vee said...

No, can't say that I've thought of that career. I'd stick with ice cream flavors if I had a chance...tutti fruitti lemon chiffon. Oh gosh. It is fun.

It was good getting caught up (at least a little bit). Another challenging time for you I see, but I'm glad that you are up for the challenge. The "can do" spirit really is alive and well for most Americans. I so hear you about needing to be at home right now.

Oh and the fresh look is great. I like it a lot...everything looks newly painted and radiates tidy.

lifeinredshoes said...

Forest Service Green.
Every once in a while I see house with the trim painted the exact same color of Forest service vehicles.
It a shade of green than you cannot miss.

Anonymous said...

ok, I'll try:
names of paint

Freckles on a 5 Year Old's Face
My Mother's Green Eyes
Yellow Cat Sunbathing

you are right, fun job. Love the new improved farmer's wife site!