Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Way Back Machine

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The time: April 2005
The place: Northern Illinois

Today we traveling just over four years back in time. April 2005 marks the time when I started my photoblog. This is the first photo posted and I believe this property is somehow still standing.

There was an earlier attempt at blogging in which I assumed a fictitious persona known as "Ruby". It was a bit of fun because I could create characters and voice my opinions.


Yes, that's me all dolled up for the photo shoot, holding one of the chihuahuas. Ruby was fun!

My very first blog was a short-lived project called, Freudian Pink Slip, in which I focused on my journey through depression.


After awhile, it became more and more difficult to post a photo a day on The Farmer's Wife. I think I've photographed every barn and outbuilding in the county. That's not true, but you get the idea.

It was at this point that I decided to move inside and do some cooking, sewing and to take you on some small adventures.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Note to reader Marfa: Check out The Farmer's Wife because it contains examples of alot of the photography composition assignments you are currently working on. At that point in time I was doing the same, studying photography and learning some rules of composition.


Louise said...

Yours one of my favorite blogs, so I'm so glad you've done what you have. Your blog has many facets and is SOOOO interesting, and I love your photos! (But that Ruby sounds interesting, too!)

Robyn said...

Beautiful photograph, Suzanne. I think you've added soul to your blog by bringing in all the different aspects (including humour)of being a farmers wife.

martina said...

Suzanne, I really love your blog and your writing/photos. Hope the Etsy shop is doing well. I'm voting for strawberry shortcake at the Monday Morning Staff Meeting.

Vee said...

Well Ruby is an interesting gal and I've enjoyed reading some of her posts. Do you know why you stopped doing that blog? I presume you stopped the Freudian Pink Slip one because you woke up one morning and found that you were so sane and whole that you had nothing more to discuss. :D

But I like you just as you are right here and right now.

Question: May I steal a pretty picture of one of your aprons to use in my sidebar linking to your Etsy shop?

Lucy said...

I'd have read any blog you put online. And I bookmarked your old ones. I want to read them.

sinnlighet said...

Ohhhh.... Agneta from Sweden really love love your blogg!!

Marfa (formula for a life) said...

Hi Suzanne, I saw your post yesterday (I am subscribed to your feed), but I wanted to take the time to thank you for thinking of me. I placed your other blog in my favorites so that I can slowly go through all the photos.

Karen Deborah said...

I love me some Ruby, sure you don't want to have her come a callin once in awhile. Bring her around here!

Suzanne said...

Louise - Thanks so much. At times I have thought that my blog doesn't stay on track, and doesn't have a main focus. But my life is kind of fractured, I'm doing this and that, so that's what my blog reflects. I guess it's called eclectic.

Robyn - There are many aspects to our lives. That's what gives it depth.

Martina - Strawberry shortcake. OK, I can do that.

Vee - Ruby....yes, Ruby certainly felt compelled to give everyone a piece of her mind. Ruby was a little bit difficult to keep going because, like a novel, I was required to keep track of all the characters. I was getting a headache but you know, I think I need to invite Ruby to visit my blog occassionally.

The Freudian Pink Slip just ran out of gas. I wanted to say certain things about depression and mental health. I had my say and moved on. It was put together to possibly help others going through the same experience.

You may take the pictures. I don't even know why I have that statement on the sidebar. Someone told me I should.

Lucy - Thanks for visting.... and the bookmark.

Agneta - Omigosh. I'm so glad that I have someone from Sweden visiting and reading. I went over to your place but I can't read Swedish. I need to figure out that translation thing.

Marfa -I wish you success in your photography studies. It's so much fun and gives you an interesting creative outlet.

Karen Deborah - Yes! I think Ruby needs to make some appearances.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit with me. I appreciate all your prayers and good wishes.