Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good Morning everyone! We're going to have something very special this morning in celebration of...... YOU!

Is it spectacular? It's an edible arrangement. Our daughter sent it to the Farmer for Father's Day and he's graciously agreed to share with all of us.

I've seen these thing advertised and I'd always wondered about them. Let me tell you, the presentation is beautiful, there's lots and lots of fruit including chocolate covered bananas! Pineapple slices are cut to look like flowers with melon ball centers. Simply beautiful and everything is very fresh and delicious. I'm so impressed.

I have no idea what these cost. I'm pretty sure they're not budget priced but if you're looking for something with a WOW factor, this is it. Dig in.

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As I said, we are celebrating YOU this morning. Let me explain.

When we learned the Farmer would be losing his job, I made the decision to put my mind to the task of doing some things to use my love of blogging to help my family. One life lesson that was hard for me to grasp was the habit of asking for help when you need it. Why do we hesitate? No one ever asks someone else to carry them on their back, the most we might ask for is for someone to help us take the next step.

And so, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for the help you have given me (and my family). Thanks to those of you who have made a purchase in my shop and thanks to everyone who told a friend. It has proven to me the Power of the Peeps.

The first Etsy shop I opened was not exactly a smashing success. But honestly I'd didn't put a concerted and serious effort into the project. I gave little thought to design or photography. Nothing is more motivating than having to keep the lights burning. It's not unusual for a new Etsy seller to go three or four months before their first sale. But thanks to the Power of the Peeps I've had 7 sales over this weekend alone.

Thank you.

For those of you who sew, you can make your own apron from a man's dress shirt. Here are my tutorials:


Several people have asked - - feel free to snag photos of the aprons for a link button. I'm not too savvy in these regards but I'm going to try to create a link button for your use. Thanks for asking.

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Rue's been wondering when she's going to be made an Official Peep with a spot on my sidebar. OK, Rue. I would have put you there long ago but I couldn't figure out what position you should hold. Rue is so talented in so many areas but when I think of her I think of comfort. She's all about comfort food (all that peanut butter and Jelly), a comfortable home and comfortable relationships. So Rue, you're the Queen of Comfort!

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If you're not leaving comments, you should be! I find some wonderful new blogs by following the link in the comment. Last night I simply could not get to sleep and so I logged on to the computer to do some reading. Someone new had commented, a name I haven't noticed before. I clicked on the link and found the most beautiful place - - RUTA'S RAMBLINGS - NOTES FROM NORTH DEVON.

I'm quite sure that I could live in Devon. Ruta's got some beautiful photos and it's such a pleasure to read about her life out in the English countryside. There are rolling hills, dairy cows and sheep. She drives down narrow roads that have been in use for over 1,000 years! Can you imagine?

Her boys are involved in some type of medieval wars games which remind me of our local Civil War Re-enactors. But the most compelling thing on her blog is her trips to the nearby coastline where she takes awesome videos of the wild and dangerous surf. I found a map of North Devon and it's fun to follow along with the places she mentions - Barnstaple, Braunton, Lynton and more.

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Steph had been patiently waiting for me to birth the cotton dishcloths. They've done been born!

A special thanks to Steph and her husband, who grow the cotton that allows me to crochet those discloths. If you've never seen a cotton field filled with snow white bolls - you've missed something really special.

I come from a long line of cotton growers and cotton pickers. Back in the day my family would pick the old fashioned way, with a long sack dragging behind. Back in the late 1940's my Mom-the-City-Slicker decided she would impress her new brother-in-law by offering to go out an pick cotton with them. Let's just say everyone had a big laugh that day and for years after.

You can check out Steph at THE LIFE OF A FARMER'S WIFE

Ok, now grow some more cotton.

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It's that time again. Time for me to pull a rabbit out of a hat. You know the low-tech drill.

The winner of the PINK-A-DOT WALLET is.

Please contact me so that I can get your wallet in the mail to you.

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That's all from my end. What are you up to? Anything good you'd like to share?

Tomorrow we'll be back to the fun business of blogging!


Becky said...

Good morning, Suzanne! I eagerly await your Monday staff meeting to see what is on the agenda. You never disappoint. Thanks! Keeping you and the farmer in my prayers.


Vee said...

That fruit arrangement is so unique and beautiful! (I've not seen anything like it ever.) Your daughter certainly knows how to impress her dad with a good, heart-healthy gift. Thanks for sharing, too.

Congrats on your success with your Etsy shop. As you know, I can well attest to your skills in apron making. I'm wearing my oohhh la la apron right now as a matter of fact.

Must go check out the new-found blog at some point, too. Thanks for the link.

Enjoy your day and just so you'll know, the Farmer and his are in my prayers. We Peeps can pray in amazing things, I'm sure.

~ Sara ~ said...

I just love to "travel" to and fro from different blogs. You just never know when your going to find something that really strikes your fancy!

And congrats on your Etsy shop!!!

Now for what I'm up to today...ugh... after morning chores I'll be cleaning out the barn for the calves that will be arriving starting at the end of July. Hope everyone has a great day!!! Keep cool if your somewhere hot and humid... if not PLEASE send some cooler and less HUMID weather my way!

Mary Rex said...

Hi Suzanne!
Is it possible that I am the Mary who gets that adorable change purse? I hope so because I am ready for some change in my life.
you can reach me at

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Suzanne, I'm glad your ETSY shop worked out well for all your "labor"! I checked it out, too and you do some amazing work! I noticed that you "monetized" too, and I sure would like to hear how that works out, always been curious but I have to have some first hand accounts about how all that works before I take the plunge.

dina said...


Your Etsy success is so encouraging to ME! We're also trying to figure out a way to bring in more income - and I *think* you're giving me the courage to get serious about doing something very similar. (Although I couldn't sew to save my life. Knit and crochet, yes! Sew? Not so much!)

Many blessings!

lifeinredshoes said...

The fruit looks yummy, thank you for sharing. I am working on my goal of eating Sugar-less and this fits in splendidly.
Your etsy shop will pick up, but you still may want to consider selling them on your own site.
Keep your chin up, we all want you to succeed!
P.S. I have a friend that spent last year in Devon, absolutly lovely.

Jan said...

Suzanne - just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying your blog. I have a web site, two blogs (one for my craft business and one for my family) and FaceBook to keep up with, but your blog makes me want to start another...just for me!

I was raised in the country, but live in the city now. Your blog takes me home. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Rue said...

hehehehe.... I think I've just been outed.....

Thank you Suzanne. I feel better now. whew! The Queen of Comfort is a title I shall wear proudly :)

I put your shop on my sidebar, so I hope it helps. When I get some spending cash, I'll help too ;)

That fruit arrangement is something else! What a great gift!!


chocolatechic said...

Hurray! on your etsy shop sales.

That fruit looks great. Give the farmer a hug for being so generous.

Hugs to all.

Kristina said...

I was at a wedding very recently where there were edible arrangements in the middle of each table. Terrific idea! Great fun, and a wonderful conversation starter.

Sweetfern Handmade

marbea said...

I just love the aprons and sharing how-to is so kind. Looks like fun and I have 29 years of shirts the hubby didn't like to work with!!!

and I'll have to thank redshoes for the link here!

Lily said...

Mhhh, fresh fruit, how delicious!
Great idea to invite all of us. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I love your Monday Morning Staff Meetings. I pray your Etsy shop keeps busy. I want to buy but I have to wait until we get moved into navy housing . . . it's a wait to get in (1-3 months) and until then we are living in a furnished condo on the 29th floor in Honolulu. HI is beautiful, but if you're too poor (at the moment anyway) to tour it properly . . . well . . . I'm researching FREE things to do with my kids (15, 13, and 11).

I'm going to add your etsy link to my blog sidebar today and do some kind of linkyloo blog thing. Now that this is up and running regularly . .
CHEERS and Aloha!!

Becky K. said...

It was interesting to read that the fruit bouquet was good. I have also wondered.

I had tucked your blog link into a folder in my favorites in an attempt to be organized. I just rediscovered it! Yay!

I'll be moving you to my sidebar so I can check back often.

Have a great day!

Sarah said...

I just put up a post about your blog with links to it and your etsy shop. Hope it generates some folks your way. God bless.

Jody Blue said...

I'm glad its fruit today, I am recovering from a pie we made to duplicate our favorite one at bakers square,which is now closed. Thanks for sharing the blogs I'm now planning a little internet field trip!

Ruta M. said...

Thanks for the mention. Every day that the sun shines I give thanks for this beautiful part of the world I live in and I love to share it with everyone out there in blogland. Unfortunately it is often grey and miserable and then I just plod on waiting for better weather.Ilove hearing about life in other parts of the world and I drop by your blog most days.

+JMJ+ said...

Sarah reviewed your blog adn I was happy to visit. Lovely!

I hope to see some vintage linens one of these days.

Leslie T. said...

I'm so glad you wrote about your Etsy shop. I popped in to take a look, and I bought the cherry wallet. It's so cute!!
Best of luck to you, and keep the fun stuff coming!
Leslie T.

Therese said...

Sarah sent me over from her blog...I love it! I will definitely be back!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Suzanne; I so enjoyed that lovely fruit, how yummy it was, thank your hubby for sharing... What a very enjoyable post, how sweet you are. I always love to visit you, and I would never not leave a comment, how rude that would be.. I am working on a mosaic child's chair for my daughter, yard art for her garden. So I have been busy gluing lots of china bits... oh and running after my 20 month old grand daughter,,, at least I am loosing some lbs. lol


regan said...

why suzanne, you do have a great blog! (c/o JOT). i wish my hubby was a farmer! and i love those wonderful cotton dishcloths.

Karen Deborah said...

I knew Heidi couldn't stear me wrong to come over here. your a good writer. Those fruit arrangements are very pricey. I think your aprons are some of the prettiest I have seen. If I was shopping I'd buy one but we are not shopping these days. I do however love to read and sometimes become a friend. I'm going to enjoy this blog, think I'll go read back a ways.

Karen Deborah said...

well shoot fire I got to thinkin about how cute those aprons were and really I don't need one but it is my birthday next month and well, I much for frugal.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Just discovered your blog. Great apon tutorial. Love your aprons and dishcloths. Will be coming back for more visits.

Hugs :)


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Asking for help...well, I understand the difficulty, but I want you to know that this weird twenty-first century society needs connection. Your asking for our help makes us feel like part of your community. I love it! Keep on keeping on--it's what we can do! Thanks for the posts. C

Suzanne said...

Becky - Thanks so much. We both appreciate your prayers and good thoughts.

Vee - I see them advertised around here, maybe not nationally. I'm afraid to look into how much they cost because it would probably make me gasp. I'm so happy that you wear your oooh la apron. Hey everybody, Vee has made some of these aprons herself, so get over and check out the tutorial. You cant do it. Thanks also for the prayers.

Sara - I love to go blog traveling also. You never know what you might find. Vee has a game centered around it but I can't remember the rules. You've got calves coming? How exciting! I wish I could be there to take some pictures.

Mary - I've contacted you about the Pink-a-Dot wallet.

Joni - Thanks for the good thoughts about the Etsy shop. I'll contact you about the monetizing thing.

Dina - Get those needles out and start producing. There are plenty of people who are willing to share they experiences about getting an Etsy shop up and running,.

Red Shoes - I plan to set up my own website in the future sometime. Baby steps. HA.

Jan - Yes, you need a blog, just for you. It does require a good amount of time though.

Rue - Yeah, you've been outed AND promoted. You're so cute.

Chocolatechic - Hugs to you too. Now go in the kitchen and whip up something fabulous.

Kristina - That sounds like such a great idea for a centerpiece. Something more creative than a floral arrangement.

Marbea - I'm so glad that Red Shoes brought you over here. Please sit a spell and visit with us. You're going to be busy with 29 years worth of shirts.

Lily - Have some more. There's plenty.

Sarah - Thanks so much for visiting and thanks for the link. I have some idea of what you're going through, having been a military wife for awhile. It's stressful and NO fun if you're in a great place with very little in the budget for doing tourist things.

Becky K - Thanks so much for moving me around. i really appreciate the help.

Sarah - Thanks for the links. I'm getting new traffic all the time thanks to your help.

Jody Blue - Which pie was your favorite? Are all th Baker's Square restaurants closed? I know the one in our area is gone.

Ruta M - I love visiting with you. It just seems so calm and beautiful where you live. The grass is always greener, huh?

JMJ - I'm working to get the photography done on those linens. Keep checking back.

Leslie - Thanks for visiting. You're going to love that fun wallet.

Therese - I'm glad you stopped in. Please come back and grab some fruit.

Alaura - The chair sounds so cute. But I've done that gluing-pottery-to-something and it gets tedious after awhile. I'm still waiting for grandkids to chase around after. My kids are not cooperating in that regard.

Karen Deborah - Any friend of Heidi's is a friend of mine. Thanks for visiting and please come back because we're going to be doing some fun things.

Irma - Get that sewing machine fired up and start making some aprons.

C - my Stickhorse Cowgirl - It's true. We do need to create connections because the old ones have been taken away. Part of my studies as an anthropology student dealt with the problems of creating communities. I think we do a pretty good job here on the internet.

Thanks everyone for visiting with me and sending your prayers and good thoughts. They are appreciated. Some days it's a little hard for me to get to the comments, but rest assured I read everyone of them...... sometimes twice!