Thursday, July 30, 2009

As Seen on TV

There's a special place in hell for people who prey on senior citizens. That include large conglomerates who base their success partially on that fact that some seniors are lonely and isolated which somehow translates into a shopping addiction.

Online shopping probably isn't in a senior citizens universe but those TV shopping networks and the insidious mail order businesses certainly are. I won't mention names but let's just say that Ed McMahon has passed on to the happy hunting grounds and can no longer represent them.

I wonder what the mail carrier thinks when they drop off 6 or more packages a week from this business. I can say for a fact that 99% of it is just junk.

These appeared one day. They are beautiful blown glass but apparently they don't work because they're now relegated to decorating my countertop.

The large plastic bags and jellified filling that were supposed to hang from the deck and grow tomatoes without soil have been unceremoniously dumped in the trash. That product contained two, count 'em TWO, tomato seeds. I shudder to think what that cost.

Occasionally something will makes it way into the house that is actually useful. Take this for example.

It's a crocheted pot scrubber. I love all things crocheted, so this found an instant way into my heart. The front side is made with some type of nylon cord. The back side, which is the scrubby side, is a scratchy material.

On closer examination it appears to be coarse nylon netting that is cut in strips and crocheted.

I love this thing. It works great and feels so wonderful in my hands.

As a newlywed I used a sponge. You know, the ones with a scratchy side. My mom however, was committed to the cotton dishcloth. She soon converted me, pointing out the fact that you could throw them in the laundry to disinfect and refresh them.

I'm always open to new household products, but they only get one shot. Speaking of which, look what showed up in my mailbox.

Yes! The Smelly Washer guy sent me the promised sample. I don't have a smelly washer (we recently had to buy a new one), but my sister does! In the next couple of weeks we'll be traveling out to her house to put this to the test. I was happy to see that not only does it treat washing machines but it can get mildew and sour smells out of towels. That's occasionally a problem around here. Stayed tuned.

Tell me, have you ever tried those "Shown on TV" products? Any success stories? Failures? How about favorite household products?

As for me, I'm in love with my Extra Moisturizing Pledge with lemon oil. And NO...they don't pay me to say that. HA!


Molly said...

can't wait to hear about how it works on the towels...for the life of me i can't figure out why that's such a problem!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

(raises hand guiltily) My daughter gave me a Shark Steam Mop for my birthday, and I was thrilled. The eBay price was about half the TV price ~ and YES it really does work! NOT worth $99.99, but she got a good deal, around $60.00
Other than that, I don't do infomercials. E-ver.

Rue said...

I've gotten a few things, but nothing that I can remember, so I think that speaks for itself LOL

I'm glad you told me those watering things don't work, because I almost bought them.


Vee said...

Yes, I've succumbed to these temptations from time to time. My mom makes those nylon scrubbies...I'm sure you can figure out a pattern easily enough. It must be frustrating to have an addict in the house. I have discovered with home health care that the best part is not the service provided, it's the conversation and the chance for my grandmother to talk to someone new.

marbea said...

You hit it on the head- lonely seniors. My MIL actually knows the operators by name at QVC (loves the holiday shows, we have to stop talking to watch) and she has a huge family room filled w/ boxes (just ask Red Shoes!) of goods and the boxes they were mailed in. Every gift we've received in the last 10 years was from QVC. And, yes, she does have those plant watering bulbs that don't work.

I do have a favorite, but who knows what it's called. It's blue, about 12"x20". flat. A heavy man-made fabric with tubes filled with sandlike material. It's hard when you go to use it. You place it under your back (or other body part) and your body heat softens it and it acts like an ice pack soothing your muscles. It's cool for a couple hours, then it has to be laid flat for several hours to harden up to use again. She gave it to me 3 years ago and I must admit it helps my sore back.

Amber said...

The only product I buy religiously is my pledge with allergen reducers. My allergies and my kids allergies love it. (and it smells soooo good.)

Lisa D. said...

I have 4 children (2 to 10 yrs) who believe everything they see on TV. They just loved the "ShamWow" commercials, and were convinced we needed to get some, so my husband found some in a local store and gave them to our daughter on her 7th birthday. All the kids (and my sister-in-law!) were thrilled and had to try them out immediately, only to discover that they were not all they were advertised to be. I thought it was a good opportunity to teach them they can't believe all they see, and advertisers are more concerned with their own bottom line than fulfilling my childrens' every wish and desire. My sister-in-law has yet to learn that lesson, I think!

Mary Rex said...

I would not normally believe anything I see on those commercials, but I got one of those PediEggs at Walmart, and they do really work. I am doing my own pedicures now and saving money. If only I was better at the nail painting part!

Becky said...

I have to admit to the pedi-egg and I really like it. I almost ordered the glass watering globes, but had enough sense to google for product reviews and saved myself some $$$$.

Ang. said...

I can't think of anything I have ordered off of those infomercials. I have heard plenty of horror stories about the lack of quality in the products and how they don't measure up.

And I wish I had a pattern for those scrubbies! I love, love, love them! They are made of tulle netting. I haven't ever seen one with a soft side. That's kinda neat.

Ruta M. said...

I'm very conservative in my use of cleaning products and just about everything in my house is cleaned with 1 of 2 products: washing up liquid (any brand), this does for dishes, wiping ornaments (dusting only rearranges dust), windows (polished off with newspaper) and for those few woollen items that have to be hand washed. Everything else gets any lemon scented toilet cleaner. I figure if it kills toilet germs it will get everything else clean so I use it for floor washing and surface wiping. I have been pleasntly surprised with those oxy type powders to add to the washing machine. I saw some advertised, bought the supermarket own brand and it took stains out of my sons' laundry that had already been washed in and I thought were there for good.

Karen Deborah said...

speaking of crocheting thank you for the extra goodie. I crochet too but your cotton is softer than what I use what do you buy?

Since we turned off our TV I can't watch infomercials. I have however been getting in trouble lately at an Etsy shop. This lady makes these really cute aprons.

Jill said...

My parents also bought the Sham Wow - and I totally disagree that they were a bum deal... they've been FABULOUS!! Dropped an entire litre of water and the sham wow cleaned it up with ease... I LOVE it.

Jody Blue said...

If I really WANT it I figure I'll see it at a garage sale!!

Louise said...

I wish they would make a nice can for "smelly hotel rooms."

And yes, there IS a special place in hell for those people.

Anonymous said...

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