Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Before Midnight and a Martini

Just before midnight on Tuesday I grabbed a light blanket and my portable fold-up chair and headed up the street to meet up with my neighbor. She had declared midnight to be the magic hour when we would park ourselves and look to the heavens to see the Pleiades meteor showers.

As I headed down the driveway in the dark I was reminded of how wonderful it was to be outside at night. The darkness and the stillness combine in a powerful combination. As I turned the corner I found myself counting my steps, which is a strange habit from childhood when I would sometimes count into the thousands. My concentration on this evening was broken by the strange bird call that echoed through the woods to my left. It was sad, like someone who'd cried their heart out and spent of energy was left with this slowly descending mournful wail. And Ang.... you were right! I listened to the bird calls and it's a Eastern Screech Owl.

Past the crying bird I marched and soon I spied my friend's flashlight, bobbing up and down as she approached. We set up our chairs and commenced to stare into the northeast where we were assured the meteors would be appearing. Unfortunately we discovered that midnight was far too early for any type of serious display. We sat and talked, occasionally there would a streak but nothing of a momentous nature.

"Oh, there's one!" we say in unison.

At 1:30 the evening chill set in and we grabbed our chairs and headed home.

What a wonderful little adventure. It cost nothing but a little shoe leather and the commitment to stay up late.

This evening I saw my neighbor and she said, "I'm determined to see more than just a couple of those darned meteors. I'm going out again tonight, this time at 2 a.m. If you're awake, come and join me."

And I would do that. Really, I would. But you see, I had a martini and it's done it's job a little too well. I'm sleepy and old and one night of adventure will need to hold me for awhile.

What was the occasion for martini-drinking? Two friends and I went to see Julie and Julia and we were inspired to do a little glass clinking to the chorus of "Bon Appetit!"

More about that tomorrow.

P.S. I'm writing and publishing this on Wednesday evening. You'll be reading on Thursday morning and I'll be sleeping late.... again!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Even without the martini I couldn't manage to stay up! I should have set my alarm I suppose but I probably would have just slapped it off and gone back to sleep. blessings, marlene

Ang. said...

I thought that was probably what you heard. Glad I cleared up that mystery. :) If you have any more bird questions, just direct them my way. I love identifying birds!

I wish that I had been able to get out and watch the stars last night. Truthfully, I didn't even think about it. Boo!

Mary Rex said...

Saturday, August 15 is Julia Child's Birthday. I just found out last night while looking thru my birthday book! Maybe I will have a martini too!

Kitty said...

I watched for meteors last night but didn't see any. Even though it was a clear night, our sky is just too light to see much. Last year we were able to see a few, but nothing too spectacular.

Got a good martini recipe? The closest I get to a martini is a Cosmo. Mmmm...

Therese said...

Suzanne-after your post the other day about cookbooks, I decided to start a recipe swap...Stop on by if you want some new recipes!

bv said...

also saw julia and julia.the group of 'ladies' i went with want to have a j & j party. with this crowd of foodies i think i will be the one to set the table......
and drink the martini-gin,shaken not stired,,chilled glass, bottle of vermouth waved over the glass and 2 lg olives-

Karen Deborah said...

sounds like fun, can't wait to see that movie.

Cherrie said...

I would love to sneak out of the house, wrapped in a quilt and meet up with a friend for making memories!
How very cool!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Suzanne; What a great time you must have had, just sitting out there looking up at the night sky,, that is something I would not have thought to do.. and to have such a friend to sit with.... Oh and then with your friends, and the movie,, how great that sounded... never had a Martini,, always wanted to try just one... have a wonderful Fri.