Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Part Where the Author Steals a Style Element from a Movie

I've been stuck on Julie and Julia for over a week it seems. There were such interesting visual elements in the film, mostly those of post-war France.

Many reviewers mentioned that car and it was only in the movie for probably under a minute. I did some research and it was a 1947 turquoise Buick Roadmaster station wagon that Paul Child called "Flash". It certainly made an impression on me but then again I'm a car person.

Also making an impression on me was the scene in a French restaurant. Behind Julia and Paul in the banquette were some antiqued mirrors very distorted and "veiny", is that a word? They were fabulous!

I was drawn to the turquoise ring that actor Stanley Tucci wore throughout the film.

I'm not sure if child actually owned a turquoise ring? No matter, it made a personal statement on Tucci's hand. He wore it on the middle finger. I wanted one instantly.

Call it kismet, syncronicity, the planets aligning, whatever..... when the Farmer and I were out yesterday on our outing I stopped at a booth in the flea market area. While the Farmer was buying some of their homemade bison jerky I was looking over the jewelry cases.

There it was!! I fairly large flat nugget ring. It was a man's ring which meant it was a larger size. It fit perfectly on the middle finger of my hand and it was affordable. How could I not buy it?

I did.

The ring and also the latest additions to my collection of vintage aluminum serving ware.

I could check out my lipstick in the reflection in the side of the ring.

This makes the ring look really large. Trust me, it's not that large.

If I wore lipstick.

This is certainly not the first time that a movie inspired people to decorate or buy jewelry. Have you every longed for something you saw in a film?

Personally I'm also wanting the beautiful house featured in "The Big Chill."


Kitty said...

What a find! The ring is great. I have a few pieces of hammered aluminum--some that were wedding gifts to my parents in 1948. I like using it.

I want the English cottage in "The Holiday".

esully said...

I love that house from "The Big CHill" too. So comfy and lived in, large enough to have friends stay the night, I think it was filmed in the Carolina's. I have been in love with turquoise since I was about 8 . A friend had a ring with a green/blue turquoise stone, this was back in the late 50's and people just didn't wear turquoise in New England unless you were "bohemian" and I had never seen turquoise before and thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen...Later we had an art teacher who wore lots of great bangles and rings with turquoise, of course I thought it was the height of "Cool"

Heidi said...

OH you are my kindred spirit!! I have TONS of 'Indian Jewelry'... It looks like heavy 'old pawn'.... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Now that I know what you like, I may have to sneak somthing to you!

Laura said...

What a great find-
I too collect hammered aluminum. I love it,

Amber said...

Bison Jerky? All we get around here is Deer jerky and beef jerky, sold at our flea markets. Ilove turquoise too, it used to be December's birthstone before they modernized everything.

Karen Deborah said...

I LOVE silver and turquoise jewelry it is actually just about the only jewelry I covet, and a fire opal or two. I'm going to go see that movie this week!

gary said...

How about the farm and farmhouse in Cold Mountain? Does that count?

Lisa D. said...

My grandpa had some pieces of turqoise jewelery. That and some different pieces of polished stones. He had a couple of rings and a couple of string ties. That's all he would wear for a tie.
Between husband and children, my movie choices are car chases, or Disney. I like the library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast - so many books to read! I would be in heaven!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I love houses in the movies! I would have to sit and think about exactly WHAT house I'd want...but I remember the cutest little farmhouse in the newest version of Charlotte's Web...(the one with real people and animals!) and I'd want the old pickup, too...that's a must.

Well, your ring t'was meant to be! looks gorgeous!


I adored this movie. I was swept away by the depth of field in the cinematography. I thought the production design was so brilliant. I wanted to jump right inside the movie. I will be buying it! Now, I want a ring like you. I love it. Lucky gal.

Maureen said...

Don't you just love great finds! Love the pattern in the hammered aluminum. The very 1st thing that pops in my head when I think of things that I want from a movie is the beach house in Beaches. That would be my Eden.

Snappy Finger said...

I love me a great piece of turquoise jewelry. I have very few pieces, but your ring is sure putting me in the mood to shop for some! Nice find.


Leslie T. said...

Back in the day, I watched Dirty Dancing, and I wanted Patrick Swayze.
Hee hee hee

Clayvessel said...

What a great find for you! Congratulations!

After I saw "You've Got Mail" I just had to have a poofy bed full of pillows. So I got one. Bought a comforter and a bunch of pillows. Still have them.

For some reason I just enjoyed YGM as a "take me away" kind of film and it ended up being a movie that my oldest dd and I would always watch together whenever we're together. We've seen it countless times and know every line and every song.

I think "Julie and Julia" is going to replace YGM. It's a better movie and we have so many things to love about it and learn about it. Also, my younger dd can join us in the obsession since she saw it with me in the theater the first time.

House and Land Packages said...

The ring is adorable. You had great find. Congratulations!

Jan said...

I still lust after the leather backpack Meg Ryan carried in 'French Kiss'.
I am enjoying your blog so very much. Thank you for sharing.