Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

You'll simply have to imagine the wonderful cake I'm serving this morning because not one, not two, THREE of my cameras are now broken. That's right. The battery compartment doors on two of the cameras are broken. How does any engineer think that a small plastic clip is going to perform well as a latch? My big, expensive digital has developed a ghost in the machine which records the information to the memory card and won't let you retrieve that information. Give me low tech anytime!

Perhaps you wouldn't mind a slice of two year old cannoli cake. It looks delicious and fresh. Here, try some.

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I received my liquid chalk marker in the mail and I love it! This makes using my chalkboard a pleasure. No dust, no screeching of chalk as it drags across the surface. The lines are crisp and clean. Think of those cool menu boards in restaurants and that's hwat it looks like. As soon as a camera repaired (or a new camera), I'll post pictures.

Mine is an earth-toned green. It's nice but a little difficult to read on a black background. Next time I'll order something brighter. This was $3.50, which seems pricey, but it's a large barrel and should go a long way.

I highly recommend this product. It has me wanting to paint a small wall in chalkboard paint.

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Our old friend Clara is up to new tricks.


She's making baked apples and her blog states that she's on Twitter.

I seriously doubt that Clara is Twittering. Her grandson is producing the videos and blog entries which are updated on Twitter.

You can only teach an old dog so many new tricks. I know that for sure!

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I'm marking the time and path of the International Space Station for each day that it's viewable from my area. I watch the time and move my chair to line up with it's movements across the night sky. It never takes more than 4 minutes to pass overhead but I linger and enjoy the time outside in the cool night air.

Are you tracking it too?


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It has turned cold here in Northern Illinois. The frost is on the pumpkin, as we say. I'm going to take a hot bath and try to warm up. I've been out of my sewing room for several days and projects are calling my name.

Everyone have a great day! Let me know what you've been up to. Sometimes, everyone else's lives seem more interesting than our own!


Ang. said...

Its quite chilly here this morning, too! I dreaded going out to take care of the chickens this morning! BRRRR!

I survived homecoming week and my 2 oldest's first dates. It was a whirlwind week and I am looking forward to a normal pace this week.

chocolatechic said...

It is 58* here and the wind is blowing pretty steadily.

I love that little Clara. Thanks for the info.

So sorry your camera's are broken. Use duct tape. It fixes almost everything.

Kitty said...

Here in Middle Tennessee fall is in the air! And finally a break from the two weeks of rain we had. I think the summer heat is gone.

We've had a couple of battery doors break on our cameras and chocolatechic is right--tape did the job!

As far as what I'm up to...sewing and making items for our local quilt guild's booth at the upcoming Harvest Days/Fibre Festival at the end of October. And, keeping up with chores, errands, checking in on Mom, yard clean-up, etc. Mostly routine stuff with a little fun on the side. Can't complain!

P.S. I have been watching for the ISS to pass over our area. Looks like we have a chance tonight and tomorrow night for a sighting.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I had a battery door break on a camera one time and was able to order a new one - I think from ebay - but it definitely was online. I was surprised that such things were for sale - but if they break I guess someone will come up with a solution.

LDF said...

It's getting cold up here in Canada (eh?) too. Frost on the ground the last two nights. I went to the theatre last night, and realized I was the only person there in sandals ... guess I need to quit knitting sox and start wearing them! I love Clara's videos. I've been trying to convince some senior citizens up here to do a "Cooking in the North" video ... no takers so far. And I think someone should invent a better battery "lid", cuz mine has duct tape on it too. Duct tape does fix most everything!

Steph said...

Well, I had a completely horrible weekend. On Friday, I got some sort of eye infection, I think my contact scratched my eye, and I couldn't see because of the medicine I was using in it, on Sunday Lance and I went to work the chickens, and when we got to house #2, there were 518 dead chickens in there. We weren't sure what was wrong so we were going to try to give them some meds, which are put in their water through a pump, and the pump was broken, so we had to rebuild the medicator, I was trying to do all this with one eye, and ended up giving myself a migraine that hurt so bad I couldn't even lay my head down. I ended up taking some Tylenol PM at 5 and didn't wake up until 7 this morning. Our field lady (woman who checks on our chickens for the company) came by this morning to see what the problem with the chickens was, and we think we have dermatitis, which basically means the chickens guts are rottening. So thats lovely. Hopefully it won't spread to any other houses, we are trying to clean everything. We've had it once before, and I spent 8 hours picking up dead chickens then. This week has to be better than the weekend!

Farmchick said... life will sound grand after that poor dead chicken comment. How terrible.

Fall has arrived here in KY. Wind is blowing hard, but at least it is not raining. School is out for fall break at the end of the week. We will not be traveling, but looking forward to some relaxing time at home.

Lucy said...

Thanks for the info re the space station. My Mom(90) and I watched it tonight! She was so excited.

Mary said...

wow that cake looks good, may I have a small piece. Did you blow away last night? I don't sleep well in the rain and I kept hearing things hitting the roof all night. Luckily when hubby checked this morning it was all in my imagination.

Karen Deborah said...

Sorry about the cameras. The cake looks great, I'd love a piece thought you'd never ask!
Cold? My fingers are chilly this morning, but that means it might be 80 instead of 94. Next week we are supposed to have the shoe fall out, every year that first 30-40 degree drop in temperatures freezes me to death. It's just such a big swing from sweltering to fall in one fell swoop.
By the way I love my aprons and even IRON them!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Am coveting the cake right now. Hope the cameras are back up soon. C

Mary Rex said...

I saw the space station last night! Thanks to you Suzanne. It is really cool to see it wizzing across the sky, knowing what it is.