Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

It's Monday morning again. How can that be? I swear that the older you get, the faster time flies.

Thanks to everyone for coming out of hiding to leave a comment. It's good so see all of you. I appreciate the fact that you take time out of your busy day to visit with me.

The first order of business is always the food. No food this morning, just martinis.

Photo - Crate and Barrel catalog

Just kidding. Things have been super busy around here and I thought maybe a martini would take the edge off. I've got glaze donuts and an apple pie for us to feast on. Unfortunately you're going to have to use your imagination because I don't have pictures.

Dig in. There's also coffee, tea, pumpkin lattes, milk and juice.

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The first item on the agenda is to give everyone a heads up that there will be a shuttle launch on November 16th. I think it was originally scheduled for November 12 but the date has been changed. Launching shuttles seems to have become a ho-hum affair but to someone who remembers the first launch of an America into space, it remains an exciting prospect.

I was sitting in a math class when Alan Shepard rode the Freedom 7 capsule in sub-orbital flight. They piped the radio coverage over the intercom. When Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon, I was sitting in my apartment in San Antonio, Texas. You remember these types of thing vividly.

There will be live blog coverage of the shuttle launch



The shuttle will be docking with the International Space Station and if the timing is right you can actually see the shuttle approaching the station for docking. The shuttle appears to be chasing the station across the sky.


Look on the left side. Click on your country, choose your state (area), choose your city and it will give you a table of sighting opportunities.

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I also need to mention that the next meteor shower will be the Leonids on November 17-18. The shower will peak in the predawn hours of November 17. It will be a new moon which will not interfere with the viewing. Experts predict that this will be a good year for the Leonids.

My neighbor, the "Queen Bee" and I usually try to sit out and view the meteor showers.

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Second only to my love of books is my love of CATALOGS.

I love catalogs. This must have it's roots in childhood when we poured over the Sear and Roebuck catalog. I love nothing better than drawing a hot bath and relax while reading my favorites and dreaming about some of the items.

At one time I received Horchow Home and I loved dreaming about the beautiful and expensive items. They were certainly above my buying power and the publishers must have realized this because if I remember correctly there were all kinds of hoops to jump through and in the end it was almost impossible to be on their mailing list.

I love Crate and Barrel. There's a store not far from here in the "lifestyle mall". I can dream over the catalog, order something and pick it up in the store. The problem with ordering from a catalog or online is the shipping charges. Sometimes they can be quite hefty.

That martini set-up at the top of this post is from Crate and Barrel.

I love these leaning bookcases and I ordered one for our bedroom. It holds lots of books and more catalogs.

These bookcases are also available at places like Target.

Here's one of my all time favorites from Crate and Barrel.

A dozen small white appetizer plates. These are incredible versatile and I use them for both appetizers or desserts. This is one of my favorite things to give as a hostess gift.

This is a smaller version of the storage bench I got for our laundry room.

Mine has three baskets and it's just a wonderful piece.

Look at these cute Christmas ornaments.

I might just use this for inspiration.

My new favorite catalog is King Arthur Flour. If you're into baking you need to check it out. Comparatively speaking their items are quite affordable and they carry flours, yeasts, salts, flavorings, gadgets and much more.

These are bakeable paper pans that you can use for gift giving. Just bake the item in the pan, wrap it up and you're done.

Yummy extracts.

I want to treat myself to these biscuit cutters.

Do you need chocolate? They have chocolate.

Callebaut, Guittard, Belcolade, Merkens and more.

Look at these cookies.

I think I need those snowflake cookie cutters.

If you go to their website they have a tutorial on how to make that gingerbread house that graces the cover.


Those are just two of my favorite catalogs. I also love Pottery Barn but their prices keep me at bay. How about you? Do you have favorites? Do you actually order and have you been satisfied?

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There's a good reason that I've been scarce around these parts this week.

I've been playing Santa's Elf, putting together a Christmas shop. It's called Christmas with the Farmer's Wife and it's filled with my handmade ornaments and Christmas decorations.


You can also find a link to the shop on the left hand column, just below my regular shop.

Speaking of that, I've listed new aprons (Christmas and Thanksgiving) and cotton dishcloths.

YES, I've been busy!

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Stayed tuned because later in November I'm going to republish my gingerbread house tutorial. We'll also be baking dog cookies for the pets on our gift lists.

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I'm going to turn the meeting over to you. Feel free to discuss anything you wish.

As for me, I'm going to have that martini.

DIsclaimer: Unfortunately, Crate and Barrel and King Arthur's Flour have NOT paid me to say nice things. If they did I could probably shop their catalogs more often.... hint, hint.

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chocolatechic said...

I heart King Arthur Flour.


I have never seen Crate and Barrel but the girl and I swoon over the Victorian Trading Company catalogs.

PS. I ate a cider and spice doughnut. Thanks.

Sarah - Kala said...

I bought King Arthur's whole wheat flour at the commissary yesterday. They also carry all purpose. You reminded me that I should get their catalog again. Crate's on it's way. I saw a neighbour's Crate box in the rubbish . . . turned on a lightbulb. Love catalogs. Some times I order! I have a few pieces from Pottery Barn, though, that I love love love!

Lisa D. said...

I don't think we get any of those catalogues here in Canada. We still get the Sears catalogue and we order out of it (or off the website) semi-regularly.
The King Arthur Flour catalogue looks interesting - I can already see a few things I "need" to have.
Do you have Watkins in the states? Up here, they are well known for their vanilla and other extracts, as well as other pantry items. Many, many years ago, they had tonics and linaments and ointments and things of that sort - I don't know it they still do. You order out of their catalogue from a local sales representative. The picture of the nielsen-massey extracts reminded me of the beautiful old Watkin bottles. Oh, and Raleigh's, too. I don't think they've been around for many, many years, but my cousin's grandmother used to sell Raleigh's. I remember they had a rootbeer mix that I loved.

Lisa said...

I had never heard of King Arthur Flour until you mentioned it in a post months ago. I requested it back then and I really enjoy it! I haven't ordered anything from the catalog yet, but I always see several things I "need".

I get Pottery Barn catalogs too, but I don't order from them either. I usually get decorating ideas from PB and then try to find thrifty substitutes for the pricey stuff. I have shopped at a couple of PB stores, as they do have clearance items occasionally.

Mary Rex said...

You sure have been busy! I love the Christmas ornaments, and will be ordering some for sure. I think I recognize one of the buttons;)
I used to work for Williams- Sonoma when they had a call center here. They own Pottery Barn too. We got a 40% discount, and they often gave out merchandise as prizes in various contests they had. I won a Calphalon saute pan, a luxurious terry cloth robe and a set of cook books among other things. It was a fun place to work.
I love watching the space station. I will have to see if I can catch the shuttle chasing it. Thanks for the space updates!
Since I am at work, may I have a raincheck for the martini?

StitchinByTheLake said...

I have now ordered both you I grew up on Sears catalog shopping and enjoy looking and dreaming. I loved your Messiah star ornament - that was my favorite but you've got some cute things. You always do though! I'm not sure how you find the time...I barely am getting things done for myself and my children, let alone to sell. blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

I need to find out how to get that King Arthur Flour catalogue, I too love to get catalogues.
I love to read your blog and try to comment.
I need to get off and bake some kolaches, the dough is waiting in the fridge-baking them for our church bazaar on Sat. So I will pass on the snacks.
I too, remember the Sears catalogue and JC Penney.

Anonymous said...


Do you read the KAF blog? It's great - today there's a tutorial on the decorated cookies - see - she does a good job making it very clear, concise, and approachable.

I think I'm going to make fudge (various types) and jellies (plum, grape, boysenberry) for Christmas gifts this year. My daughter really wants to try her hand at decorated cookies, too - so maybe we'll do some of those, too.

I can't believe how close it is to the holiday season. My year has simply flown! Of course, being sick since April hasn't helped much, either!

Lori said...

I was just in Crate and Barrel regular, the outlet and CB2 on Saturday in Chicago. All I can say it's a good thing we went in on the train as I didn't want to carry much and that I dont live in Chicago or we would most definitely be broke! Love it!

Kathleen H from Indiana said...

I love King Arthur Flour catalog. I have lots circled to give my husband ideas for Christmas. I bought a King Arthur Flour Bakers Companion cookbook at a yard sale this year for $ buy of the season..they are $35.00 new. Love love love it. You have been busy creating lovely handmades for your Etsy shop. I have my eye on several goodies and will be ordering.
Have a great day!

Laura said...

I love love love King Arthur Flour Co. Catalogs.. and their flour! :)


Susan said...

I love those little appetizer plates. Lovely idea for a hostess gift. Thanks. I have been a great fan of King Arthur Flour since I visited there last May. Catalogs are for dreaming and just sometimes, for buying.... smile

Anonymous said...

Hi there -- Just wanted to leave a comment that I just love your Christmas items. I practically bought everything you made!! Well, almost. I just recently bought 5 of the gift card wallets and was very pleased with all of them. The only problem is which one do I keep for myself!

Judy M. from Catonsville

Pamela said...

You gotta love crate and barrel! Sometimes I pretend that I live in their catalog!

Pamela said...
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LDF said...

I love catalogs too. Great for the imagination and safe for the wallet! Thanks for the martini ... took the edge off a boring project meeting here!

Mary said...

Oh Suzanne, sorry i'm late. But thanks for saving a juice and donut for me. My schedule is off this season with hubby driving grain trucks. Today he left at 5:30 am and will probably be home about 8. I went to the Kountry Kettle for lunch just to see people today. LOL I love both of those catalogs and am going to check out victorian trading co. too. Love your Christmas items.
You have been busy!

Leslie T. said...

I received those same catalogs a couple of weeks ago and spent time flipping through the pages and coveting all of the great stuff. I did pick up a couple of ornaments at the Crate and Barrel store, and they're real purty. Speaking of that, your Christmas stuff is beautiful! You're so talented!
Thanks for all of the space updates.
I recall all of the space milestones, from John Glenn on. I was a little young for anything previous to that, but I remember vividly watching John Glenn on TV, orbiting the earth, and it was very early in the morning at our house. Our TV was a piece o' doo doo and we had to keep slamming a fist into the side of it to make the picture come in. I recall my mom banging that TV with a vengeance so that we could see the momentous event and hear John Glenn speak from space.
The day of the first moon landing, my sister and I were in the process of flying to Houston to visit my grandparents. Of course when we landed, Houston was all abuzz with excitement over the landing.
I recall where I was when the first space shuttle exploded, and how devastating that was. The second time it happened, I could not believe it.
I hope you enjoyed your martini, and that you toasted the day with it, Julia-style. Bonjour!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Yes, I have always loved the catalogs! Spent hours perusing all the things on my wish list. I do love Pottery Barn--have bought a few things half price. Williams Sonoma catalogs are dreamy too--with lots of recipes! V.

Cote de Texas said...

when armstrong stepped on the moon - you had your own apartment - or was that your parents? i think i was 14. born in 54. wasn't that 69? the year both ml king and rfk were killed. the moon walk. woodstock? the dem convention in chicago? my mother died that summer too.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Well, it's Tuesday morning and I believe I am dragging in late to the Monday morning meeting. Ah, Catalogs...they multiply, don't they? I do about 80% of my Christmas shopping from them--no tme to go wandering through stores! I'm headed to your shop now! C.

MaryJane @ King Arthur Flour said...

Thanks so much for the mention of our catalog and the blogs. I'm the cookie decorator and gingerbread house gal here at KAF. I LOVE catalogs too, and decorating of course. I just have to get some of the C & B plates, I would use them for everything!
Thanks again, and have a happy and safe holiday season full of your favorite things. ~ MaryJane

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Suzanne...thanks for the doggie cookie recipe!

Just want to let you know I looooove the change purse I got from your Etsy..and I had no idea you had a Christmas shop..and now I do :)


Rebecca said...

I too love magazines and catalogs. We cut paper dolls out of the JCPenny and Sears catalogs when Mom was done with them.
Bye for now it is martini time.

dee said...

Another lurker coming late to the meeting. Mea Culpa...
The KA web site is great. I guess because they are near me I've been a customer for a while. Nothing like their products. Makes good gifts as well since my two best friends are amazing bakers &love getting anything from KA.
In my dreams I live in a house from the C&B or Pottery Barn catalog. Catalogs are satisfying like window shopping.
Thanks for the tea & conversation.

Stuck on Sunflowers said...

I LOVE the martini idea for Monday morning breakfast. I dream of filling our water cooler at work with Vodka!! I had never seen the King Author Flour catalogue, even though I have been using that flour for years. Yikes, where have I been. I too love the Crate and Barrel store, and truly love the appetizer plates that were given to me as a hostess gift. What a very thoughtful gift from a very thoughtful friend!!