Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Album

Christmas morning falls into a familiar pattern.

The Son plays Santa.

The Farmer was shocked to learn that the Fashion Police had a warrant for his arrest.

Black turtleneck topped with a navy blue Master's Tournament golf shirt and a festive Christmas tie.

The Daughter got a sock monkey,

..... and a hat. All gifts approved by one of the Chihuahua's.

Chicago White Sox scrubs for The Son.

The Other Mother gets a multi-generational hug.

The Farmer gets a gift "As Seen on TV".

And now he looks like a Biblical character.

Moses, perhaps?

We end the day with filet mignons prepared on the grill.

Heck no, we don't let winter dampen our grilling spirits.

Pay close attention to how that grill appears in that photo because tomorrow you're going to get another view taken on the day after Christmas.


chocolatechic said...

The son's blanket is just way to cute.

~ Sara ~ said...

You should consider doing Sunday Stills... NO I'm not sending spam... :)

Loved the Farmers expression. :)

Second Sun Press said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with all of us in blogland. It's nice to see a happy family sharing a special time. Is that The Federalist Papers I see sitting on the table? Perhaps a little light reading for Sunday afternoon?

Lisa D. said...

You have a beautiful family Suzanne. Love the grilling in winter - I thought only us Albertans were crazy enough to be BBQing in the snow!
Was the filet mignon in place of a Christmas turkey? My kids would be so jealous if they knew someone else got to have BBQ on Christmas day!

Jody Blue said...

You would be surprised how warm a snuggi is, I'm sure the Farmer will enjoy his, and it matches the chair so nicely!

Marfa (an unstamped letter) said...

I love that you got the Farmer a snuggie! Heeheehee. I am thinking of getting one for my mother since she's always cold no matter what. I also love the sock monkey. I want a really little one so I can take it around with me and photograph it everywhere. Hmmm...sometimes I have to wonder if I'm just a Looks like you had a nice Christmas with your family. That's the best part of all.

Anonymous said...

We have been known to do a bit of grilling during the winter months too. If you can see the top of the grill then there's no reason not to use it.


Vee said...

Forget Moses, I'm just thinking that my grandson got the very blanket that your son is wearing for soft. I'm impressed that your son will wear it; my grand will not have anything to do with his. I'm considering stealing it. What fun pictures. Looks as if you all had a good time. Oh, where are your gifts (besides all these great people)?

Leslie T. said...

The grilled filet -- excellent.
As far as the Farmer having a warrant issued for his arrest by the Fashion Police, I think that's a tad bit harsh. Really, a ticket and a fine would be enough. :)
I love your daughter's sock monkey. The son and the Christmas blanket -- fantastic.
Your family is wonderful, and it looks like you had a greatl Christmas! Thanks for giving us a peek!