Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's French Toast Weather Again

French toast weather is upon us once again.

For those of you who have never lived in the north and worked in a grocery store, french toast weather is the first big snowfall or the year, or a major winter storm, either a snowstorm or an ice storm.

Early morning in Illinois.

Everyone runs to the nearest grocery store where they purchase bread, eggs and milk. They are basic staples for sure but this combination is what gave the phenomenon it's name.

On Tuesday evening we had a light dusting of snow which triggered the psychological symdrome known as Meteorlogicalfrabbelfarm. The symptoms of this condition include checking the weather channel every 20 minutes and starting every conversation with a discussion of the weather, past, present and future.

"We're supposed to get 12 inches overnight, followed by a period of sleet," says the sufferer.

"Back in 1967 we had the Big Snow. Closed down Chicago, remember that one?" they babble on.

As for me, I'm holding out for the most magical weather phemomenon of all, hoarfrost. The beauty is almost unimaginable and almost makes winter worthwhile.

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Yesterday my errands took me within 200 yards of the Williams Sonoma store and I parked in front and entered the store in an attempt to test my willpower. The cake pan was OK, but having seen it my curiousity was satisfied and I left with nothing but a free sample of their toffee.

Outside in the parking lot I came upon this vehicle.


Someone has painted their car a bright fuschia. Believe me when I say that this photo does not convey the fuschianess of it all. In an enviroment that is bathed in shades of gray and white for five months of the year, I applaud this bold move.

This car did not come off the assembly line painted in this bold palette, someone actually paid good money to have the fuschia applied. To that I say HURRAH. Hurrah for the playful offbeat spirit.

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On another note, don't be making plans to shop those day after Christmas sales for holiday themed products. It seems the retailers have made the decision to carry Christmas goods backed by very thin inventories. There is not ONE string of Christmas lights to be had within 25 miles of here. NOT a string.

Christmas light buried under snow.

My son and I decorated the front of the house last weekend and discovered that two of our net lights that cover the evergreeens were non-functional. I drove to four stores in an attempt to buy more but came up empty handed. I finally gave up when I realized that the cost of the gas was outweighing the importance of having a balanced display. We threw a couple strings of regular lights on the bare bushes and as a result we have a somewhat Charlie Brown display.

The neighbors are quite forgiving and have not mentioned the gaffe. Thanks guys.

I'm off to do some work around here, decorate another tree and generally organize things. Those are perfect activities for a cold and snowy day.

Stay warm.


Jody Blue said...

We are enjoying the snow and the total shut down of the state of WI. My husband bought a Christmas light fixer thing at Menard's for about $10-15. The thing is amazing and has revived many of light nets and strings.

cityfarmer said...

watching this Illinois weather... sitting on the sun porch with my snuggly knitted socks on ... heater running full tilt and blogland warming my inner most soul ....

p.s.gotta have trader joes maple syrup on that french toast

Lisa D. said...

French toast weather - that's funny. I've never heard that before.
I love love love that hoar frost. It does make winter almost bearable. Winter can be very beautiful, it's just too long and too cold. I'm very thankful for a woodstove in my house.

LDF said...

Darn! I just finished my breakfast (sausage, eggs & fried taters) and now I want french toast. Great car! Someone here has a MELON pickup truck ... absolutely the perfect really ripe canteloupe flesh shade of melon. Whoever it is works in one of the malls, but I've never seen the driver/owner.

RC said...

it was all rain by the time it got to PA ;( lots and lots of rain.
just back from Walmart and there are tons of lights still to be had.- I'm happy to ship some to you

bv said...

here in 'sunny' calif we are having19 degree mornings and so much frost it looks like snow. Mon it really did snow. there is a person in my home that talks nothing but weather, checking all the temps and on line reports...his daugther is the same. me, i like to just look out the windows. this is our usual winter weather. bless the wood stove and lots of fire wood.
stay warm FW. i am about the same as you today.... if i would get off the 'putter'

chocolatechic said...

If Superman would allow me to paint my vehicle fuchsia, I would.

I heart that color.

I almost wish it would snow around is just windy...

Farmchick said...

It is just windy around here as well. I would appreciate a bit of snow. Love the phrase, "French Toast Weather".

Laura said...

I'm so jealous of your snowfall. Here in the south, just the mention of snow drives everyone to the store for eggs, bread, milk and beer. Ah...the life of a southerner. :)
And I applaud your restraint in W-S. I've been going to the website every day staring at the Le Creuset dutch oven that I'm wishing for. I swear if I don't get it for the holidays I'll be going to buy it afterwards.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

fuschianess. What a perfect word. I'll have to save that for a gray day.

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Leslie T. said...

Love that car! I think that we should all have more fuschia in our lives!
Kudos to you for resisting the siren call of that cake pan. I myself am seriously at risk whenever I walk into Sur la Table.

Mary Rex said...

Everytime you mention W-S I get nostalgic for the 40% discount I used to get.
We have the same phenomena here with everyone obsessed with exactly how much winter precipitation there will be, and when it will start. And even though they changed our forecast to rain, the bread and milk aisles were practically empty of product.
Of course I had already stocked up myself the day before!

martina said...

Any weather is French toast weather here! I'd mail you some lights (lots available here in town) but they wouldn't get there in time.

Jackie said...

I so totally understand your issue w/ $30 bake pans...and applaud your being able to walk away from WS. I'm sitting here salivating over a Nordic Ware brochure I received in the mail, and fear and order will be placed shortly!

rankpay said...

Reading this blog and craving for more french toast! Just finished eating one and now I would love more! Thanks for sharing, I will really try this out!

Alison said...

I think french toast and coffee is the best breakfast pair there is.

model ships said...

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