Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alberta Clipper

The weather continues it's predictable course. Just behind a major snowfall a mass of extremely cold air follows behind.

This morning the temperature was only 2 degrees and this was the scene from my second story sewing room. The view up the road is framed in thick frost on the window.

Two degrees in Illinois

An Alberta Clipper could possibly reach this far south but I think this is just a case of everyday normal frigid air. Calling it a Clipper makes it sound oh so much more intriguing.

The Other Mother had plans to do some shopping today, thinking either the son or I would take her out. But here in the midwest you must be flexible or you're simply going to get yourself into difficulty. The wind chill will reach 20 below zero and that cancels any thoughts of shopping. We'll make do without the few items she was looking to procure.

Speaking of unspeakable cold, I've just finished a most interesting book entitled, "In a Far Country" by John Taliaferro. It's a true story that chronicles the lives of missionaries (Tom and Ellen Lopp) who went to live among the natives in far north Alaska in the late 1800's. I never cease to be amazed by the true grit and resiliency of our ancestors.

The subtitle of the book is "The true story of a mission, a marriage, a murder, and the remarkable Reindeer Resuce of 1898". It's all that and more. Very interesting reading.

Currently I'm reading "The Colony", a book about the leper colony on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Again, a true story and a very interesting read.

Have a great day everyone. If you promise to come back tomorrow, I'll promise not to talk about the weather!


chocolatechic said...


Did you see how much we got?

Mary said...

But isn't the snow on the trees and ground just gorgeous in the bright sunshine today. You just have to ignore the sound of the howling wind and the tempratures outside.

bv said...

i have a wonderful story about the Lepers of long for comment, you will just have to come over and i will tell you over coffee....or maybe a email. enjoy the beauty out your window.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Beautiful white landscape Suzanne!

Lisa D. said...

Being from Alberta, should I be taking offense at the reference to the Alberta Clipper? :)
I think it's about the same temperature up here (if I'm comparing Farenheit and Celsius correctly!) That's actually a pretty average, and good winter day. I don't like the -20 and -30 temperatures that we can get. We don't tend to get the winds that you get, though. I went to Bible School on the open prairies of southern Saskatchewan and I did not like the wind. Or the wide openness, really. I like trees! And miles of forests.

Brenda said...

I think the reason I love snow so much is that we never have it here in Atlanta.

Diva Kreszl said...

what a beautiful winter wonderland!

Becky K. said...

Your book about Alaskan Missionaries sounds intriguing. I'll have to look for it.

Stay Warm!

Becky K.

Rural Revival said...

My eyes often deceive me; once on a hike I thought a tree in the distance with brilliant red leaves, was a big red tent. My friend thought I was nuts. When I first looked at your photo, I thought the frost was water, I thought holy cow, she's flooded out! I really should know better by now, I think I need to see the optometrist! I enjoy your blog!

Be well. ~Andrea~

Jody Blue said...

When we had 5 little's running around here and a big old cold van we had a 10 above rule, if it dropped below that no packing up babies and toddlers and preteen and heading to town 20 miles away. I am going to search for the Alaska book, sound interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie T. said...

It looks absolutely beautiful.... and cold! Wow, it makes me think about ordering some battery-powered socks! :)

Merisi said...

It may be cold out there, but it sure looks better than they dank grey outside my window today!

I had to smile when I read that you actually have a Williams Sonoma store near you, I sorely miss the temptations there!

Robin Hill Quilts said...

Just found you today! Thanks for the books you recommended~I love to read as well and really love a true story~
Cold here in New England as well! Thats all we do is talk about the weather!
Great blog!

Marfa (an unstamped letter) said...

Hi Suzanne: what a beautiful view! I love it.

I also wanted to let you know that I changed my blog. I used to have the blog Formula For A Life, but I closed that one down and I started a new one, which is