Friday, February 19, 2010

Get Thee to the Spa

I'm going to the spa today.

No, not THAT spa, the other spa.

Today I am scheduled to have my yearly mammogram. What's that got to do with a spa? Well, the mammogram center at the nearby hospital is what I term, "A Mammogram Spa."

There are bowls of Hershey's kisses on the desk at the reception counter. The outer lobby has a coffee bar and high speed internet. The inner waiting room has a selection of cold drinks and snacks. Inside the dressing room you will find hospital gowns, not the flimsy cotton numbers printed with wierd little patterns and stringy ties but taffeta gowns.

Sheesh, I'm there for my mammogram not a for an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress".

I appreciate any effort to make me comfortable but I guess I'm just not accustomed to such treatment at a hospital. This is the same hospital that had a stinking Concierge (!!!!) in the lobby. The hospital does service a very upscale area so perhaps some people expect this type of treatment. As for me, just give me a facility that is clean and staffed with highly qualified people and give me a cut on the bottom line.

So I've decided to do yet another giveaway. This one is PINK, in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Pink mini-wallet. Holds credit cards or use it as a business card holder.

Holds multiple cards. Outside embellished with cute little daisy appliques.

Leave me a message telling me that you've had your mammogram, that you've scheduled one or that you plan to schedule it. Or just give other women a heads up that this is something important to do for yourself.

I'm thankful to live in a time and a place where these preventative tests are available.

NOTE: Winner will be announced at the Monday Morning Staff Meeting.


Susan said...

Suzanne, great encouragement to all women. I always go in November and NO government policies will keep me from going yearly. I have gone every year since I was 27 years old. Picture northern Wisconsin, they used to put a heating pad on the platform to warm it up before the mammogram. Yes, it gets very cold up there.

chocolatechic said...

If every hospital had such treatment, I think more women would go get squished.

I had my mammogram last November, after I turned 40.

It wasn't that bad at all...except for the 'cape' that I had to wear...why bother, it didn't cover a blessed thing.

Becky said...

I have endured the wringer treatment every year for the past 16 years since I turned 40. It's the second worst thing I do (the prize winner is the colonoscopy), but go willingly and gladly. I haven't heard of one soul dying from a mammogram....and as for breast cancer.....well, I wish I could say the same! Your cute wallet will look wonderful for spring shopping!

Ang. said...

I had my mammogram a few weeks ago. I was thankful to receive the letter telling my that my boobs are normal. My maternal grandmother died from breast cancer in 1985. I have no desired to go down that road.

The clinic I go to doesn't have all of that fancy stuff. You get to watch HGTV in the waiting room while listening to a water fountain. The tech is very kind and gentle. It is all pretty sterile but nice.

TinaTx said...

What a cute little mini wallet! I won't be getting the 'spa' treatment, but I will be getting my squish the first week of March. They are very good about making sure to schedule a full 365 days since the last one - 364 and insurance could balk. We won't get into that.

Anonymous said...

Just had mine a couple of weeks ago, oh, and perhaps without the concierge they could keep medical costs down a bit? Just sayin'.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Suzann said...

I do a mammogram every year.
Now, if I would just do those in the shower checks I'd feel so much better.

annie said...

Enjoy the spa!
I get to go twice!!!
my lovely apron(THANK YOU)has crud allover it!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I had my annual mammogram the first of this month - and sadly there weren't any Kisses or coffee and the gown was really a cape that if you raised your arms to scratch your nose exposed everything. The lady who did it was very nice but I left this time thinking now why is it that I put myself through this cause if she flattens me any more there won't be anything to left to check! blessings, marlene

PJinIL said...

I always get to have the mammogram and the sonogram. That wallet is very cute!!

Vee said...

Yes, you are doing a wonderful thing! That hospital sounds like my cup of tea, especially the chocolate kisses. Course I'd probably inhale them leaving none for the other gals.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to smile while they take the films!
Mom and I go every year to get our mammograms (next due in August). We ask for the three for the price of 4 deal but the hospital won't do it. After the tests Mom and I hug one another, say prayers and have to wait a week for the reports.

CatNCartCrafts said...

We are lucky in Australia - we get free, yes free mammograms after the age of 50 ... nothing like the spa treatment, but a necessary evil .... your wallet is absolutely darling, sweet and innocent looking ...

Stephanie-Oh said...

Great way to give women incentive to have their mammograms.! Yes I had my mammogram in July 2009. It's not fun but either is going to the dentist or having a PAP but these things are necessary for good health. Besides I want to do all I can to ensure I'm around to enjoy my grandchildren!

Marfa (Crafting Marfa) said...

This comment probably won't make it into the contest, but that's OK, I guess. My mom went for her mammogram last week. Her second one, ever. I've never had one, I just turned 40. I guess mine is coming up soon. I was so relieved to find out through my mom that the exam is not painful anymore. They use different technology than back when she had the first one and they squeezed your breasts like pancakes. She said that it didn't hurt her at all. So...hooray for new technology!!! I would love to win that little pocket thingy and give it to her in honor of her mammogram.

angelsister1951 said...

How wonderful hope i can still get in to the drawing.... have a great day