Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Trip

I'm not here. Today I'm off on a day trip with some friends. It's one of those bus trips organized by a nearby park district.

Where are we going? Shipshewana, Indiana, which is an Amish area. I don't know what's in the plans but I do know there's a quilt show. Did you hear that Pam Kitty?

How about you? Gotta any day trips planned for this summer?

See you tomorrow.


Mari said...

No way! I am from Goshen, IN and love Shipshewana! Oh you will have so much fun, I wish I were there with you. I haven't been there in quite a few years.

Vee said...

I can dream...

Enjoy the quilt show. They're among one of my favorite things to do.

If I know you, you're hoping for some Shoo Fly Pie in there somewhere.

Millicent said...

Sounds like fun!!! Wish I were going.