Saturday, June 26, 2010


The Farmer sent me flowers.


For no reason.

I get a little nervous about that. I was wondering what he was going to spring on me. But actually it was a proactive move to win over my patience and approval.

You see, the Farmer isn't just a farmer. Well, technically he isn't even a farmer anymore since the large organic herb operation informed him they no longer needed his services as General Manager.

The Farmer has two, count 'em, two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree (in entrepreneurialship). He's decided that since he's gainfully unemployed at the moment that he would return to school and get his PhD - Piled Higher and Deeper degree. In his case it's actually called a DBA - Doctor of Business Administration.

What this means is hours and hours and hours and hours of grueling study and writing. It also means that he is making himself unavailable for any Honey-Do lists that I might create.

So, while he studies....... I must make lemonade of life.


Have a wonderful Saturday. Do something fun. I'm doing TWO fun things today.


Michelle said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I am proud of your dh for what he is doing. Keep yourself busy, but have fun, while he studies. Have a great weekend!

Farmchick said...

I like your theory of making lemonade during life. My spouse travels a lot with work and being alone/working/raising children can be a bit grueling. But, you have to make the best of life. I enjoyed the field trip. I love Amish areas and have not been to one in awhile. We do not have cows at the moment, so I could use some free manure.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Nice he is going back to get his doctorate. It is grand that you have such a wonderful outlook on things

Kelli said...

The flowers are beautiful just one question, why is there a lemon in the bottom of the vase? DOes this help to keep the flowers fresh longer! Good luck with the Farmer going back to school! I love your post they are always so interesting to read and the pictures are beautiful!


Suzanne said...

This is the "Lemonade" bouquet from one of the florists. Not my idea and actually it required that I change out the water every day.

I'd like to thank everyone for visiting with me today.

Vee said...

You mean you didn't even get to discuss this? Hmmm... I have been discovering of late that even the best of marriages requires "an interpreter" every now and then. (That's from the book I so want to discuss.) Peace, my friend, and all the best. Why doesn't he just write a book as if he had his Higher and Deeper degree? And now I'm meddling and mumbling as I stumble out...

Alison said...

Beautiful flowers. Funny how we wonder why wwe are getting these flowers

bv said...

lemonade....haven't we got that down by now? there are two kinds of peeps, those who love to study and me. not so much. more power to him and i hope it brings him~you~a wonderful future....if you live thru it all.
bv who would rather play outside...

myletterstoemily said...

your flowers are lovely. i pray your
lemonade is even sweeter.