Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sorry, things are getting crazy around here.

The Farmer's auntie has been diagnosed with Lymphoma and we're all pitching in while she has chemo, allowing her to stay in her home and not be transferred to a nursing home.

So, posts are spotty......again.

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I think I've said this before..........


This is Herb Brooks speech to the American Hockey team before their win over the Soviets.

It's apropos!!

Joshua Sacco

Shut 'em down.



Vee said...

As if you need one more thing... So sorry to know that a dear auntie is going through this tough time. I'll be rooting for her and all of you who are pitching in to help her. She has an amazing family!

Suzanne, I don't even know who the Blackhawks are, but GO BLACKHAWKS is easy enough to echo. :D

Say, have you finished painting the shutters? Guess what The Carpenter told me. Yup, I'll be painting the trellises. Oh joy unspeakable. And all the time I'm painting those little suckers, I'll be thanking God that they aren't bazillion shutters.

Gentle hugs to you...

Lily said...

Sometimes life is throwing a hell of things at you. Seems you are at this stage at the moment. I wish you a change for the best, Suzanne. And that is coz I am selfish - I miss your daily writing.


Maureen said...

Congrats to the Blackhawks! 49 years is now over. A good sign to have faith and all will be well.