Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was the Other Mother's 89th birthday.


Our daughter wishes her a happy birthday. The Other Mother was telling her about what's going on in Brittany Spear's life.

Happy 4th of July. More about that later.


Anonymous said...

I am VERY happy to be able to read about your life again. I really can conect with you since I live in S IN and travel in N IL to visit family. The fire fly story is wonderful, they are still magical to me too. Love your storage spaces, that is better than my system of drawers. Take care of yourself and keep writing. Linda

Cherrie said...

I can only hope to look as good as other mother if I ever reach her age.
Your daughter is beautiful!

Vee said...

A happy birthday to "the other mother." Eighty-nine years! That's a lot of living and she's interested in Brittany Spears? That's too cute.