Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Helping Hand

Yesterday Vee asked about that little vacuum that was pictured in my sewing room.

I'm always glad to pass along information on good products. Also, I will pan those that deserve it.

This is a great little vacuum cleaner. We have a couple large, cumbersome ones that don't do half the job of this little thing.


It's called a Eureka Widetrack Superlight and it is very, very light. No problems carrying it up and down stairs. There's no bag to worry about. The portion in the center is a removable container that can be emptied. There's a filter-type insert at the top that can be washed clean.

The only problem is that the latch on the plastic container has broken.


No problem. That's why duct tape was invented. If it can get men back from the moon it can handle a vacuuming emergency. Just MacGuyver the thing.

Now I must be off to do some chores...... vacuuming!


Vee said...

Thanks, Suzanne! I'll be pricing one soon...oh, and lifting one soon. Have a happy 4th!

Vee said...

I really need to edit more carefully... I do not mean to imply that I will be stealing one soon. Just want to be careful about its weight.

lisa said...

I had an Eureka that was a lot like this, and the handle broke on it too. It still worked like a champ, but I couldn't put up with the duck tape (which I also used). I gave it away to a needy college student.