Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Going Nowhere - Fast

If you've been reading for awhile, you know how much the Farmer and I love to travel. I really believe that if it were possible we'd travel alot, only touching down at home base to regroup, refuel and do laundry. Oh heck, maybe we wouldn't even come home to do laundry because they do sell clothing anywhere you go.

Lately I've been making myself crazy and sad by reading bloggers who are traveling everywhere! There seems to be a mass migration. There are several who have been to Paris..... Paris, France, NOTt Paris, Illinois; Paris, Indiana; Paris, Arkansas; Paris, Maine..... well, you get the idea. Another blogger just got back from a Meditteranean cruise and yet another cruised to Alaska.

Kasey at Lola's B's is in Kauai for three weeks. She's one of the Paris travelers. What would I need to do to get three weeks in Kauai?? Sell the firstborn? It would probably involve either the Farmer or I finding a job, which at our age in this economy is unlikely.

So as not to make myself crazy I'm going to have to forego reading those "ladies going to Paris" blogs for awhile. Honestly, I have no burning desire to go to Paris ......... hmmmm, but Yelapa, Mexico is another story.

The Farmer and I have been very, very lucky to have been able to travel to some exotic locales. Yelapa is one spot we promised to return to. It seems to be our M.O. - find a place with no roads, which is only accessible by boat or small aircraft. Yelapa is a one hour boat ride from Puerto Vallarta and there are no roads! We loved it's quaint and calm atmosphere. They first got electricity about 9 years ago.

Does it sound basic and primitive? It can be but just around the cove is one of the most exclusive spa hotels in all of Mexico, so they cover all the bases.

Here's Yelapa's "Bosca" lady. Bosca is Polish for boss-lady. This woman met the boat at the dock and started ordering everyone around.


Making sure everyone knows she the boss.


Rental units on the hillsides.


No roads, just cobblestone streets. No vehicles except for one four-wheeler. The is the major form of transportation used to move construction supplies (sand) from the beach area.


One hundred yards up behind the village is this waterfall.


The beach.


The pie ladies come to sell their pies on the beach.


The Farmer is eating pie and sharing a beer with me. Oh, this is one of the four beers I've had in my life.


So, I'll be satisfied with dreaming about a return to Yelapa. Don't tell anyone, OK? We don't want them to become overcrowded and build roads and such.


Mary Rex said...

Yelapa looks wonderful. What kind of pie is that? It looks almost like a quiche. Beer & pie on the beach in Mexico sounds very refreshing. I remember when you went there.
I have no one to travel with, so trips are less fun. I did go to Alaska to visit a friend a few years ago and that was unbelievable! I highly recommend AK in the summer when the days last about 20 hours!
It was quite warm- in the 80's-but looking around and seeing the snow capped mountains made you feel cool.
Have you ever checked out the Caretaker's Gazette? It is full of opportunities all over the world to live and work. Sometimes it is just housesitting and watering plants. Sometimes there are more duties, but usually you can stay for free in exchange for nominal duties.

Laura said...

Living in South Texas, on the Rio Grande border, Mexico has always been our favorite travel place.

In fact San Miguel de Allende was our number one spot.

Everything in Mexico has become so dangerous now.
Maybe we need a really out of the way place-

I miss it so much.
In fact, I have such simple travel needs- just give me Mexico and Louisiana and I am happy.

White Spray Paint
(missing Mexico in deep South Texas)

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Suzanne, You made me laugh out loud with your "bosca" remark. I was called that in polish by my Mom, a term of affection, I hope! I haven't heard that in years.

Debbie said...

Loved the beaches in Mexico. You actually bought food from a vendor on the beach?

Vee said...

One of the four beers you've had in your life? Is this truly to be believed? Ha! This is going to show my ignorance, but are those pies any good?

Vee said...

Oh forgot to say that I hope that you get to return to this favorite of locations and sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

so it's not just me? i thought it was just me. though italy seems to be calling my name.

i could tear into those pies.

maybe soon?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That sounds like a fabulous place to travel...I'm writing it down! Hope you don't mind! ♥