Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mid-Life Chrysler

We've all heard those stories about men who reach mid-life and fall into a crisis. Women don't much have that problem because every day is a crisis. Or chaos. Crisis and chaos, that's what we're about.

At this point the man finds some way to express his crisis, perhaps with a divorce and a trophy wife or a hot red sports car.

I've always said that the Farmer is ahead of the curve and this is borne out in the fact that he got his midlife crisis sports car when he was 28 years old. It was a bright orange Corvette. We were dating and I was glad to be part of his crisis. I looked darling in that Corvette.

Fast forward to last week. Now, remember, I'M the car nut, not him. When you think of me, think of Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny". Yeah, a girl gear head.

The Farmers says to me, "There's a great little car parked in the driveway on Empire Road."

I know EXACTLY the spot. This guy has a handman business and seems to also be a dealer in vintage cars and trucks. There's always some kind of very interesting motor vehicle parked in this driveway with a for sale sign on it. I've even seen a very old (probably the 1940's) fire truck for sale.

"What kind of car?" I asked, knowing that the Farmer can rarely name a make and model.

Well, let's just say that this car is so distinctive that even the Farmer could identify it.

It's red.


It's really, really small. I guess you could say it's the Mini-Cooper of it's day. It was also the first car my friend Marge ever owned.


It's not sleek like a Corvette, but it's "quirky", which sometimes describes me.

Did I mention it's red?

I would look adorable driving around in this car, with it's red plaid interior.

Isn't it cute?


She has a cute rear end also, as every mid-life crisis car should have.


And she had a lovely profile.


No, it's not a Chrysler. I just like the way that sounded - Mid-Life Chrysler. Has a nice ring to it.

It's a 1958 Nash Metropolitan and it runs! Needs a little TLC says the for sale sign.

The Farmer was briefly entertaining the thought of having the little Nash as a 'Sunday car". Something to go on little jaunts on the weekend. I was lobbying heavily in this car's favor, talking up her good points.

But he hesitated.

And she was gone.

Oh well, the crisis passed. And besides, I told the Farmer he was WAY past midlife. Do you know anyone who lives to be 130 years old? Well, there's that woman in Eastern Europe but you know how women lie about their age.


Vee said...

You used the word "quirky" to describe yourself? I would like to say that I wrote today's post last night around 7.

Oh, I'm sorry that the Nash was scooped. "He who hesitates" and all that. But I just thought of a great job for you! Great! You have wanderlust and a love for cars. What about asking this guy on Empire Road if he ever needs a driver? (We have a friend who deals in second-hand cars and he's always looking for a driver to fetch his finds home.)

Mary Rex said...

You would look so-ooo cute in that car. Mid-life and all. You could photoshop yourself into it for fun.
I am with Vee on the "ask him about driving for him" question. He probably gets cars from all over the place...and you would be perfect to go collect them for him.

Kelli said...

I love this little car and yes you would look so cute in it!


Kat said...

1954 Jeep Willy's Pickup. Overdrive. 4 sticks to choose from.
Red, mostly. Spare tire on one side, gas can on the other. Gun rack in the window (used to hold my viola).
Lots of cotter pins in the glove box to keep the steering rod connected to the wheels.
Bailing wire to fix the manual choke on occasion.
My love.
My long lost love.....
Someday I will find another one and I'll never ever let it go.

arlene said...

When I saw your first photo, I thought...Nash Rambler! Remember the song?

lifeinredshoes said...

I love it, and it's my favorite color!
Too bad I didn't see her first:)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I really love old cars. I just wish we had the money so we could fix them up!