Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good morning y'all.

Oooops, I've slipped into my southern vocabulary. It doesn't take long for me to pick up regional accents. When I lived in Texas they'd say, "Oh, you're from Chicago" but when I came back to Chicago they'd say, "You must be from Texas".

I was sad for the reason to make a quick trip down south but happy to be among family and all things southern. Most of all, the food! You better believe we ate pulled pork barbecue from a place way out in the country. This guy only fires up the pit three days a week and we were lucky to be out there one of the days. Here's a shout out for Shiloh Barbecue west of Clarksville, Tennessee. (There are two Shiloh's in Tennessee).

First of all we're going to pass around the food for this morning's meeting. We're going to be munching on Moon Pies. (Sorry, no pictures of the legendary Moon Pie. My son ate the photo shoot sample.)

For those of you from the east coast, I'd compare these with Whoopie Pies. I've got chocolate and vanilla Moon Pies, take your pick.

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One thing about 8 hours in a car with someone else driving. You can get a lot of crocheting done.


I was a little one-woman washcloth factory.

The trip went quickly because we do a lot of talking. The miles seemed to just fly by. Eight hours is about my limit these days. It's 11 hours to our property in Arkansas but I can't do it in one shot anymore. If The Farmers is driving we can make it, with a stop in Missouri at Lambert's, the home of the throwed rolls.

How are you on long distance car trips?

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The International Space Station is once again positioned in an orbit that allows us to view it daily. Unfortunately it's passing overhead at 4:30 a.m. I am NOT a morning person and as much as I love watch that Station fly by, I'm not getting up before dawn.

I remember my grandmother also being a night person. She'd stay up all night sewing, cleaning and doing chores. That's when us night owls get energized.

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On our way back from Tenneessee we stopped at the Homeplace in Land Between the Lakes. It's the best living history farm I've every visited. The design of the place allows you to really believe that you've stepped back in time. People work the farm as they would have in 1850, including using draft animals to plow the fields.

I'll take you on a road trip this Friday. Don't miss the chance to step back in time.

After leaving the Homeplace we traveled a little further north to Paducah, Kentucky. This is the location of a huge quilt show and also home to a fabric store of mythical status - Hancock's of Paducah. It's located in a large warehouse type building. There are no fancy displays, but if Hancock's doesn't have it, it probably doesn't exist. There are rows upon rows of fabric and the walls are lined with patterns and sewing notions.

Don't get the switch. We arrived a 2:50 and to our surprise Hancock's closed at 3 p.m.!!! There was no time to actually do any shopping. I was saved by the bell, so to speak.

But, I cannot tell a lie. I did actually purchase fabric at a quilt shop in Clarksville. You remember what I said, if I purchased any more fabric you were allowed to cut a swtich and take me out to the wood shed. Well, here's the woodshed.


Are you up to the task?

Maybe you'll let it slide this time because it was only three fat quarters and besides I'm going to sew something wonderful with it.

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OK, I'm off to get something done today. The grass has taken off in my absence and it will take two hours to mow.

Have a great day everyone. Take a Moon Pie to go.


Becky K. said...

Happy Monday, Suzanne. I might need to take up crocheting or knitting in the car. Maybe I wouldn't white knuckle so much and I would have amazing dishcloths to show for it!

Becky K.

Vee said...

Well I'm going to have to Google "moon pie" because I do not believe that anything can compare to a whoopie pie. Sorry. Just sayin'.

Wow! What a good use of your car time. I get dizzy if I look down while riding so must look straight ahead. No reading or crocheting or knitting for me.

Your trip sounds like fun other than the reason for going. And I'm not going to switch you...what for? That was just a bit of cheap therapy.

Take it cool now out there mowing.

Pamela said...

Glad you made it home safely. Road trips can be fun, especially if you can stop along the way (at quilt shops). By the end of this week, we will have driven through 19 states this summer. I'm good for 8 hours and get a little cranky at 10 hours. I save up magazines and catalogues for the ride. Sometimes a little sewing if the road is not too bumpy. Sorry to see the summer coming to an end.

chocolatechic said...

I'd love an RC cola and a Moon the south it is pronounced Moon Piah.

Lamberts....oh how I love thee...Oh how I miss thee....

I'm cutting a switch. But not very long because how in the world can you pass up good fabric.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm a Southern girl so I'll take that moon pie to go! I love road see so much along the way! I'm wondering where your property is in Arkansas...that's where I grew up! ♥

betseysumners said...

Lived in the South all my life and I do NOT like moon pies, but I do love BBQ,cornbread, fried chicken and so on. Glad you enjoyed your trip to TN. Nope can no longer handle long trips in the car, I stop at every single rest area just to stand up and walk around. Glad you got to stop by Hancocks, heaven is spending time at the yearly quilt show and then shopping at Hancocks...sigh!

Steph said...

Next time you make it to Tennessee, you need to go a little further south for a visit in Alabama!

handmade toddler clothes said...

I love whoopie pies. Never had a moon pie. But I guess we should make some.

Renae said...

Ooh after googling 'moon pie' I see they're kinda like a wagon wheel. Yummy!

That's amazing crochet progress!!