Saturday, October 9, 2010

Barn Sale

How are you feeling this morning? It's Saturday. Does that mean you have lots of errands to run? Perhaps you've planned to do the dusting and vacuuming. Well, forget all those plans. You're going to accompany me to the barn sale at nearby Nada Farm.

This farm is home to Anne Marie and her family. It's very rural and surrounded by thousands of acres of corn and soybeans.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase barn sale? I bet it's not what we're going to see today.

Everybody hop in the car, it's only a 25 minute ride from here.

The sale is being held in the pole barn because the big traditional barn burned down a couple of years ago. Look how Anne Marie has created an entance to the sale.


It appears that she has constructed this from doors and other repurposed lumber. How clever.

Through the curtains we go....


When you peek inside the door you get a glimpse of the treasures that await us inside.


This is the Champagne and Ball Gown Night. In addition to champagne, Anne Marie has prepared some cheesy pumpkin soup and the clever chalkboard says to help ourselves. The soup is served in a pumpkin, of course!


Let the treasure hunt begin.


Shop till you drop.


Oh look, there's Jen Rizzo.


She helped Anne Marie put this sale together. I can assure you this was a ton of work and yet Jen doesn't look frazzled at all.

Did you know I love old typewriters? I do.


There are several in the barn but I already have TWO at home! Please talk me out of this.

They've created a fitting room in the back corner where you can try on some of Jen's creations. She repurposes and embellishes clothing.


These handmade soaps smell so wonderful. And they look great in that galvanized tub.


These ladies are experts at display. Look at this old sink.


What's inside? Oh look, they're jar candles with clock faces on the lids. How clever.


Here I am with our gracious hostess Anne Marie.


I can tell it's time for me to get a haircut...... and a facelift.

Oh, oh, oh..... LOVE the white chair. What do you think, should I get it?


No, I guess not. I don't have any grandchildren yet.

What do you think is in this old shopping cart?


It's packages of Anne Marie's organic pancake mix. You KNOW what I'm thinking when I look at this vignette -



All this talk of pancakes and pie is making me hungry. Let's take a break and have something to eat and we'll continue shopping the sale tomorrow.

Are you having fun yet? I hope so.


Thirkellgirl said...

Well, I'm going to a wedding in Philadelphia, so I can't hit up the barn sale with you today, but I'd pay big money for that Underwood if you'll pick it up for me. I used to have one and stupidly let it go. I still have a ribbon for it, saved from my dad's things! You look lovely, and you don't need a facelift at all! How was the pumpkin soup? I made butternut squash soup this week, starting with some apple sausage, adding ginger and apple cider and thickening it up with half a bag of hash browns I found in the freezer because I was too lazy to peel a potato.

Farmchick said...

I truly wish I could have gone with you, but I do appreciate this post! I really enjoy Anne Marie's blog and these pics are great.

Pamela said...

wow - what fun! I wish I could be there in person - lots of treasures!

Vee said...

Now THAT is my kind of barn sale. Psshaww! You do not need a face lift for you are altogether lovely! Wonder how well such a barn sale would do in my corner...gears turning...I have a garage that could be a barn...sort of... Ohhh, John does have a barn!

martina said...

I cleaned out the fire pit before it started raining and then came inside and made pumpkin scones. That sale looks like a ton of fun! I really admire people who are so creative and then can merchandise their items so well.

Belle said...

I enjoyed this post so much. I was wondering how often she has this sale?

Suzanne said...

Thirkellgirl - Wedding in Philly sounds like fun too. Everyone in my house got sick today, including me, so I couldn't get back to the sale today. I'll try to contact Jen to see if the Underwood sold, otherwise I'll keep my eye open for one. We find lots of manual typewriters around here. Your butternut squash soup sounds wonderful. Anne Marie's Pumpkin Soup was really good, not too cheesy and a very mild flavor.

Farmchick - Oh gosh, I wish we could all pile in a bus and go. Just think we could sing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall", or maybe not. Who thought up that dreadful tune anyway?

Pamela - My sister Pamela was supposed to go with me last night but she got sick. We're just a very sick family at the moment.

Vee - Yes, it was so cool. The displays were inspired. I cannot imagine how much time it must have taken to transform that pole barn. You need to do this! I'll help. No matter that it's probably a 20 hour drive from here. I'm up for a road trip.

Martina - Fire pit??? I love fire pits. I'm sorry that it's raining there but that is good weather for making scones, or doughntus. The merchandising of that sale was awesome. They probably could have sold a dead rat.

Belle - She holds the sale twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The next sale is May 20-21 I believe. Save the date.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I'm jealous--I would love to go to that barn sale and get a look at Anne Marie's farm!