Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barn Sale Continues

Did you enjoy the cheesy pumpkin soup and the champagne? Let's continue shopping the barn sale. Stay with me to the end because there's something really beautiful I'd like you to see.

Are you still hungry? Probably not. Let's think about buying a bag of these macarons to eat on the car ride home. I'll have to admit I lead a sheltered life. I've never had a macaron. Have you?


There's also big carrot cake cupcakes packaged beautifully in a presentation box. One woman was buying a cupcake to take to a friend. Lucky friend.

Do you think I should get a pair of toe shoes to display in my sewing room?


This brought back memories.


I've spent hundreds of hours staring at a clock just like this, waiting for 5 o'clock.

Jen remains calm amidst all the hustle and bustle.


Notice her cowboy boots. There are lots of cowboy boots at this sale, paired with all type of fashion.

Anne Marie fashioned a display fireplace from an old cabinet.


Milk glass and Haeger pottery fill a cupboard.


Here's a small covered cake stand.


You can put one together for yourself. Pick up a cheese dome at a resale shop and make a small cake stand from a candlestick and a plate. Here's how:


This is a nice display of garden related stuff.


I could use one of those magnifying glasses. How about you?


There's a paper wreath hanging at the entrance to the sale. It's created from the pages of an old book.


I'm drawn to this large paper garland.


Here's Anne Marie and her friends standing in front of the corn crib.


She made the little plaid jacket to go with her red gown.

Thanks for coming along with me to the barn sale. It's much more fun shopping with friends. Mark your calendars because the next event is scheduled for May 20 and 21, 2011. There's a small hotel about 25 minutes away. I told you it's rural!


I promised you something beautiful. Here it is.


Twilight on the farm. I'll talk more about this tomorrow at our Monday Morning Staff Meeting. See you there!


Becky said...

What a fun jaunt!! These gals are super talented!

Leslie T. said...

Oh, I do hope you bought some toe shoes! I have a pair hanging on my wall, and they always bring back memories of my childhood and the Saturday morning tap and ballet lessons (of course I have a pair of tap shoes too!). This is where my love of tutus originated, from the dance recitals on that old wooden stage at my elementary school. Oh happy sigh.
Thanks for taking us along to the barn sale. It was a lovely trip!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Suzanne, I guess I missed alot by not coming to the show on Friday. Thanks for the great photos. Love, Penny

Farmchick said...

Really lovely.

Pat said...

The twilight photo brought back so many memories. My youth was spent on a farm in West Central Indiana. Thank you for sharing.

Karen Deborah said...

beautiful I remember making paper crafts out of reader's digest magazines, luved the trip so many wonderful things to see.

Vee said...

Thank you for sharing this barn sale. Do the gals make enough to carry them all the way to May? It looks labor intensive. Blessed me, I do have one of those large magnifying glasses and use it often.

QuiltNCards said...

Thanks for taking us shopping! I do love to browse, and these girls make it "desserty". I love how they displayed things... upscale!
And the last pic was the icing on the cake. Yummy! Terri

MaddiesMom said...

Wow! I am so envious. I wish was had things like this out in the LA suburbs. Just the odd craft fair here.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh, my! That looks like it was a little slice of heaven!

m ^..^

Counting Your Blessings said...

It was such a glorious weekend! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. We all had a ball getting things ready for the sale. And Anne Marie is wonderful!

Love your picture of Jen!

Blessings... Polly

pilgrimscottage said...

Enjoyed your post on the Na-Na barn sale. Wished I could have been there!

pilgrimscottage said...

Whoops! I really did mean Na-Da!

Sharon said...

hi suzanne...aren't you lucky to be able to go to the sale! i read the nada farm blog too...all us farm gals gotta stick together! great pictures!