Saturday, October 2, 2010

She Hits the Ground Running

Sorry, I've been missing in action lately. It was a little difficult for me to post while house sitting/dog sitting for my friends. Besides, I just like to have photographs to go along with the text and that wasn't possible using their computer.

I'm back and I literally hit the ground running. We flew into Chicago's O'Hare Airport on Thursday afternoon. On Friday morning I went into my new place of employment to check on my schedule. Surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say. It seems that I'd been scheduled to start that very day, in 35 minutes to be exact!

It's a good thing I was properly dressed and somewhat rested because it was right into the fire for me. The store was crazy busy and the four hours flew by. I collapsed on my arrival home. The vacation had caught up with me.

Waiting for me when I walked in the door was the box I'd mailed from Arkansas. Remember, I'd visited the Treasure Sale at the Catholic church and had to mail all the stuff home, along with a bunch of things I'd crocheted while sitting with the dogs. The box almost beat me home which was surprising because I told the clerk to send it the cheapest and slowest way possible.

Come back tomorrow and we'll open the box together and check out all the treasures.

Here are two treasures for you to feast your eyes on. This is my mom and our friend Judy.


Their white hair makes them look like angels don't you think? Don't kid yourself, my mom and Judy got into lots of trouble and adventures when my mom was her neighbor. They were known by a local shop owner as "The Golden Girls" and they shared many an afternoon cocktail when the sun went over the yardarm, as Judy would say. She was married to an Navy Admiral, thus the naval reference.

Did I mention that my mom is 82 and Judy is 92?

I snapped this photo as we were headed out to lunch in the red convertible. I told Judy that we were the ladies who lunch.

That's all for now because I worked again today and seriously, I'm not used to all this excitement.

Join me tomorrow for the opening of the box of treasures.

P.S. I saw something down in Arkansas that I've never seen before, drive-thru liquor stores. Yes, drive thru! I didn't try it out. Really, I didn't.


Belle said...

Your mom and Judy look like they could get in a lot of trouble! They have that gleam in their eyes.
We have a drive-thru liquor store, and yes, we have used it many times.

chocolatechic said...

I can not believe that you had never seen a liquor store before.

We have 3 in this town of about 10,000.

Vee said...

Cute, cute ladies! How fun to think of the three of you striking off in a red convertible. Now as for the drive-through liquor store...I think I need one stat.

You are kidding me?! You stopped to check in on your schedule and then had to go to work in 35 minutes? How blessed are you?! I guess that someone had your back. Glad that the time flew by...did you enjoy it? (Other than being crazy exhausted and needing a nap...)

Bailie said...

Nothing like coming home from a relaxing vacation and having to hit the groung running! Your mom and Judy look like they have lots of stories to tell us!

Steph said...

Drive thru liquor store= brew thru!

Anonymous said...

I've sent you a link for the Brew-Thru stores near here on the Outer Banks of N.C. And yes you actually drive through. Not just a drive up window.