Thursday, January 27, 2011

Missing Again

Sorry, it's seems I've gone missing again. Not really, but during the last week I was scheduled on my new job ALOT. This is a bit difficult because it means standing on concrete in one place for long periods of time. My legs and feet were just not prepared for this. I did find a better pair of shoes that seem to be helping.

The second problem is that the store is very cold. People shop with their coats on and the temp in the store reflects that reality and the roof is metal which radiates the cold down towards the floor. My co-workers have clued me in that during the winter you need to dress in layers, perhaps a thermal undershirt and a white vest. But here's the thing, I'm already quite "fluffy" and layers are going to make me look like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man. Better that than sick.

Which I am.


I don't think it's the temperature in the building, it's the fact that I am face-to-face with several hundred people each shift. That's alot of possible germs floating around and I seem to have caught a doozie. Let's just say that between the end of my shift and my arrival home I felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

So, it's back to bed for me. But I promise that we'll be doing something interesting or fun in the next few days because I'm getting downright bored with myself.

NOTE FOR THOSE IN NORTHERN ILLINOIS - Ronald Reagan's Birthday Party is fast approaching. This will mark the 100th anniversary of his birth in nearby Tampico, Illinois. My mom and I will be attending again this year and looking forward to some good homecooked food and birthday cake. The celebration will be on February 6, 2011 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tampico is typical small town America, with only 772 people and covers only about a half square mile. Here's a link to more information:



Anonymous said...

Been missing you Suzanne, hope you are feeling better real soon.
We had a bug here a few weeks ago, everyone had it but hubby. Fortunately it was a fast moving 24 hour thing.
Do you stand in one place for your job? maybe you could find a cushy mat to stand on.
Take care, Pam

Pamela said...

I was missing you! Sorry you're sick. I work in a school and germs are abundant! Take care and feel better soon!

Leslie T. said...

I'm so sorry that you're sick!! I hope you recover soon!

Vee said...

So sorry to learn that you've been sick. We discovered that a lot of the people who attended my mother's memorial have been sick. It wasn't the food because John and I ate a lot of that and we didn't get ill. I'm attributing my new-found health to the bottle of echinacea I began in November. Read somewhere that it would help during the winter months, but then not to take it again until next season.

I felt a shudder go down my spine reading about how cold it is in the store. Look for email as I'm sending along a link that I won't place here.

Stay warm, healthy, and happy. How fun to celebrate Reagan's 100th birthday!

Lisa D. said...

Get well soon! I was going to suggest a cushy mat for standing on too. And a good pair of shoes is essential for concrete floors. I have a pair of leggings that I wear for long underwear in the winter. I find their are just a little thinner and smoother and easier to wear under a pair of jeans. And just as warm.
Have fun at Ronald Reagan's birthday celebration. I think it's great the way Americans celebrate all their presidents. We don't really do that in Canada.

Tess said...

I'm also sick...have a dreadful cold and have forgotten what it's like to breathe through my nose.

Theresa said...

We always think of Reagan as ours here in CA. It's really nice to think that he was raised in the Midwest, like us. Have fun at his party. And get well soon!!!

MelissaD said...

Get better soon! My mom used to wear her old pairs of pantyhose under her pants in the winter - no bulk but they helped retain some heat - less fluffy :)

Cherrie said...

Hi Suzanne I find that standing for a long period of time is so hard on my back. I am not a cold blooded person until my feet get cold, then I feel the chill. I hope you feel better soon!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Brrrr! I'm sick all winter. I'm almost getting used to it.

Emily said...

Feel better - it's going around! And don't worry about the layers and the fluffy! Everyone understands this time of year. It's survival!

American in Norway said...

I had to learn the hard way after moving to Norway...LAYER.. no matter how big you think you look.
& get some shoes with good thick soles..& don't forget the wool socks..
My goodness I really am Norwegian now! :-)