Tuesday, February 1, 2011

About that Prince

If you remember, awhile back I received a copy of a book entitled, The Golden Prince. I agreed to read the book and share my thoughts with my readers.

The cover fascinated me. Do you ever choose a book based on the cover artwork? Since I'm a sewing nut I'll say that the sumptuous layers of beautiful fabric certainly attracted me and made me curious.

Here's the exchange I had with the Farmer when the book arrived.


As I've said many times I'm just not a lover of fiction and I was curious to see how I'd react to this book. It's historical fiction, based on the life of the Prince of Wales who eventually became King Edward VIII.

The book is a fictional account based on historical fact. When he was a young man Edward VIII fell in love with a young woman, but since she wasn't a royal his father squelched the relationship. The author takes this premise and writes a "what if?...." account. The author sets up circumstances that lead to the prince meeting a warm and interesting family with lots of daughters. He falls in love with one of the sisters and the story expands from there.

There's lot of insight into the strictures of being royal and how limiting that life can be.

It's very interesting and a romantic novel with many interesting characters. It was a quite enjoyable read and timely with the release of the movie "The Kings Speech" based on the struggles of Edward's brother who was forced into the role of King after Edward abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson.

It's also timely read due to the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton (a non-royal).

If you're interested in reading "The Golden Prince", leave me a comment. I'll be passing the book along to an interested party.

Now I'm going to prepare for the approaching snowstorm.



amber122774@yahoo.com said...

I would love to read this! Sounds very interesting!

Vee said...

Oh I see how that cover caught you! :D What I find terribly interesting is how such books are released at just the right time to coincide with other works. Obviously, there's "insider knowledge" somewhere. Not that Prince William and Kate's story have anything to do with it. Have you had the chance to see The King's Speech? Stay warm and cozy. Another storm barreling our way, actually two back to back. What's a gal going to do? Bake and read that's what I think.

Millicent said...

Oh I love royal stories - fictional or real. Got up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Diana and Charles get married. I was newly married and still in college at the time. Hope you stay warm, since it says the Chicago area will really be hit. We may even get snow in SE Texas later this week while my daughter is sure to get it in Dallas, probably today. Stay warm.

Karen said...

I would enjoy reading it; I like historical fiction. Recently, my aunt gave me a "must read" list for my next venture to the library.

Donna@soakinginmustard.com said...

I'd love to read The Golden Prince, it sounds fascinating and that cover lures you in, doesn't it?!

We have snow again today in the Northeast, expecting a wintry mix tomorrow and just got a call from DPW telling us there is a parking ban "effective immediately, until further notice!" Okey dokey then.

Peace and Spring thoughts,

Glenda in Florida said...

Looks like something I would love to read. Our little library here has a hard time getting interlibrary loans, and I doubt that they will get this one.

Ang. said...

I cannot get into these kinds of books. I have tried upon recommendations of friends. Let's just say it ain't happenin!

It has started to snow here finally. It started out as a fine snow you could hardly see. Within a half hour, it has decreased viability to about 1/2 mile. No school today and probably tomorrow. Lot's of baking in store. I am thinking cinnamon rolls!

Anonymous said...

I am almost done reading Antonia Fraser "Mary Queen of Scots".....I would love to read this book. Why? Because after Mary I could use something lighter.

Mary Rex said...

I just saw the 'King's Speech', and it was very good. Then I watched the final episode of 'Downton Abbey' on "Masterpiece" which is set in the same time period, just before World War I. What a beautiful time for fashion! BTW-The Downton Abbey series is available to watch on-line at pbs.org. A good way to use up some of the time you will be snowbound! I adore all kinds of fact or fiction reading...but I am like you in that I do follow up to see how accurately the author has portrayed the story, so I would love to read 'The Golden Prince'.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hoping the power holds up during the storms...please blog updates if you can about the impact to your area, and how the junk food level is faring. (I learned during Texas weather crisis that family well being hinged a lot on Hostess products, Ding Dongs in particular.)

dara said...

that looks like the kind of book that I'd love to read all curled up on the couch wrapped in a nice quilt. We are coated in ice here...Ugh!

Lisa D. said...

That sounds like a very interesting book. I just saw The King's Speech on the weekend, with some girlfriends. I loved it. I also want to read a new book called Majestie, by David Teems. It's about the life of King James and his commissioning of the King James Bible.