Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanderlust - Again!!!

Yesterday I was running some errands and thinking about how surprised I am at the effect our bout with the flu had on us. Over three weeks later we're both still feeling wiped out. Add on that the "February Effect" and it seems like we're coming to the end of our rope.

What's the February Effect? It's when normally patient midwesterners become mildly crazed by the continuation of winter. It was grey and drizzly. Most of the snow had melted and everything was a shade of brown, grey or the color of dirty grey snow. Depressing.

Add the fact that our neighbors are leaving on the yearly cruise this Saturday. Unfortunately, we're not joining them in the Caribbean this year. We've made the choice to use any expendable funds to complete some long over tasks around here. We've included replacing the carpet in our in-home office with hardwood. You know what that means. Everything in the office must be removed, including the 400 lb. gorilla of a desk and approximately 1,000 books. My living room now looks like a library exploded all over it.

Outdoors is a cold mess and indoors is equally a mess. It doesn't make for any peaceful landing place. That's why I've caught a bad case of wanderlust.

In these situations I dream about place we might run away to. While poking around the internet recently I found the journals of a thirty-something couple who sold everything and sailed around the world.


After spending several years making the trip they bought a vintage Volkswagen bus and drove through Alaska and Central America.

Actually, the Farmer and I have visited many of the places they visited in Central America, so it was interesting their take on those spots.

I guess for now we'll be happy in reminiscing about flying around Central America in Cessna Caravans.

Come back tomorrow when I continue my thoughts on wanderlust.


bv said...

here in sunny calif it is about 30 and the whole place is buried under debris from the last storm. last oct we replaced all carpet with hardwood and i am still putting things back in order...NEVER again. so how about you and me head to the beach trailer for alittle r&r?

Pat said...

Take a trip south! Yesterday the temp was 79 and the forecast is high 60s and low 70s for the next week. We have had an unusually cold winter prior to last week and joyous we are for the warm weather. Lay low, stay warm and get well! Spring is on the way!

Donna@soakinginmustard.com said...

Glad to hear you and the farmer are feeling better.

Its been a tough winter in New England too, blizzards and ice storms have me wondering when we'll see the grass or if there'll be flooding this Spring.

That's a lot of "potential" water, maybe I should build an ark...
Or at least a dingy!

Leslie T said...

Wow, I'm sorry that the flu hit you so hard! I hope that you get to feeling strong and healthy soon! I know from experience that sometimes the effects take quite awhile to recover from.
Ah, the wanderlust. I love to armchair travel. Most of our vacations involve traveling around California, but I do have a few big "dream vacations" in my mental files and I've had a few cross-country adventures in the past. It's always so much fun to dream of going to far-flung places and I LOVE to plan dream trips to tropical locales when it's rainy and gray outside of my own window. This past weekend we got quite a little bit of rain here in Southern California and I was a cranky girl. Yes, I'm very spoiled and happy to admit it. :) I want to see my old friend the sun outside my window every day. I want beach weather. Always.
Feel free to slap me upside the head. I deserve it, wimpy girl that I am. If I lived where you do, I would be in the fetal position, rocking myself in a little ball in a corner by mid February. I'm not strong, hearty stock and you midwest folks would shake your heads in disgust and kick my hiney into the next county. :)
Stay warm and dry, and get well!! I'm SO sorry that the flu has hit your house so hard!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, thanks for the tip on Bumfizzle. Been reading a few hours now. Reminds me of my x husband and I traveling through Ca and Mexico when we were kids. So much fun this old girl is having dreaming of being 20 again.
Down for now but still in the race!
Susie H in Fl

Vee said...

This library exploding in your living room is exactly what is preventing me from doing a few necessary updates around here. I can't stand the thought of the mess. Wanderlust...I knew that it was just a matter of time before you'd be on the move again. Off to read today's post. (After reading so much in the recent news about people following their dreams and where that got them... Guess that I'm content to sit here and watch as others follow theirs.)