Friday, February 25, 2011

What I did on My Midwinter Break

Truth be told, there is no midwinter break around here. Cabin fever is setting in. Cold or not I'm going outside to do something in the fresh air today.

Winter evenings are spent in pursuits that are probably not very different from how my grandmothers spent their time. I knit, crochet, sew and engage in creative activities.

So, here's what I've been up to.


I knit this once and discovered that I'd made a significant error and so I ripped it all out and started again. Guess what? When I finished I noticed I made yet another mistake, this time right smack dab in the front.


It's just gonna be one of those decades, I can tell. There was NO WAY I was going to rip it out again, so I immediately slipped into the c'est la vie mode. I think it's the Amish that always include a mistake in their handwork because only God can create perfection. Yeah, that's what I'm going with.

My sister calls me the queen of embellishment and as such I couldn't let the vest go unembellished. Therefore, I added the hot pink felted flower and hoped that the sheer cutest factor would draw the eye away from the boo-boo. I decided to eschew the normal baby pink and go for something different colorwise.

I've never been accused of being a perfectionist, that's for sure!

This is for my niece who is expecting a baby girl in May. She sometimes reads this blog, so Heaether.... if you're reading ......SURPRISE!!

Not to worry, I've got tons and tons more stuff I'm making, so this will just be a small preview for her. HA.

What are you up to creatively?

Come back later and I'll link to the pattern for this cute vest. I've got to dig through my pattern file and find it first. No, I'm not totally organized either.


Vee said...

Love the colors and I didn't notice "the mistake" until you pointed it out. (I thought it might be under the lovely felt flower.) Now it looks as if you planned it that way. It's simply adorable. I am spending my evenings trying to get my sewing room straightened around. It's the home of the shredder and there's been a massive amount of shredding that has had to go on here. Quiet pursuits to be sure.

It's snowing here today so I've bathed a poodle that wiped the both of us out. She's been napping for a few hours and for a while I thought I might join her. Next is baking a banana bread with the overripe bananas.

One thing's certain, you know how to keep yourself busy!

Terri said...

Cute little vest. Don't worry about that slight imperfection. The child won't care, and it won't fit her for very long anyway.

I wanted to make a quilt for the Open House in May. Our local Project Linus coordinator usually has an open house so we can socialize a bit, see some of the other donated blankees and snack. This year the challenge is to make something pastel with a white or beige included. I dug out a UFO... little paper pieced flowers (finish at 4" blocks)that are backgrounded and set with white. I'm really excited to finish it now, whereas before I got bogged down making it. I'll put a picture up today or tomorrow on my blog.

Tess said...

The San Antonio winter continues to be mild. Yesterday, it was 86 outside so for this morning, I planned an outing of antiquing and bought a vintage cast iron chair with a darling red cushion. Makes me happy to look at it.

Yours at the Menger,


lifeinredshoes said...

Super cute! And I knew there something about the Amish way I liked:) said...

Sweet. What a cute little vest! That "mistake" looked like part of the design to me. We are often hardest on ourselves when its not at all necessary. A lovely gift is all she'll see.


Leslie T said...

That vest is so cute! I had no idea that the small gap was an error. I thought it was part of the pattern. It looks just perfect.
You're so talented!

riley said...

If you hadn't said it was a mistake, I would have thought it was a design element. I like it.

heaether said...

I LOVE IT! Soooooo adorable Auntie Susie. I thought it was on purpose!Now I really cannot wait for my shower...I love homemade goodness over store bought ANY DAY!