Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monday Morning Staff Meeting on Wednesday

Yes, it's another episode of the lame-o blogger! I'm holding a Monday Morning Staff Meeting on Wednesday. It's not unheard of around here and I thank you for your patience.

No, things have not calmed down and the mess seems to be growing larger. The hardwood is being delivered today and we worked hard last night to make sure the area was cleared out so they have a place to put it. The wood will acclimate for four days and they will start the install on Monday. Then the race begins to get everything back in place. My vacuum is seriously going to explode. Phew!

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First thing on the agenda is food. Sorry, no baking this week. I've got some vanilla Oreos that the Other Mother purchased.


Vanilla Oreo is actually an oxymoron in my mind. Vanilla and Oreo do not belong in the same sentence. They're OK but not as good as a regular Oreo. Don't mind the fact that I took a bite out of this one, there's lots more so help yourself.

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There's very little time in my schedule these days to visit your blogs and poke around the internet. Sorry, I hope to be back to surfing soon. I did manage to come across some amazingly talented people this past week and I wanted to share with you.

First is an artist named Elsa Mora. OH MY GOSH! She is a papercutting artist, among other things. The patience exhibited by these artists never seems to amaze me. Here's an example of her work:

Source: Elsa Mora, The Art of Papercutting

This is just one example of her work. Visit her papercutting blog to see more amazing things.


As I said, that's not all. Here's her blog about handmade dolls.


And beautiful miniature artists books.


And finally personal style.


Look at her RED SHOES!!!

Source: Elsa Mora, The Hidden Seed

Here's a woman you could love. Be sure to read her profile. She's lived a fascinating life, very different than you and I. But my question is, how many hours are in her day?

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Up next in another talented and creative person, cookie artist Callye, a.k.a. SugarBelle.

Here's an example of her cookie artistry.

Source: SugarBelle

How about this?

Source: SugarBelle

You know I love these.

Source: SugarBelle

Seriously, I could go on all day because every cookie is terrific.

Source: SugarBelle

Visit her blog to check out all the sugary goodness.


She also collaborates on another blog that offers tutorials on cookie art.


I don't need yet another hobby but I'm tempted to try my hand at a cookie or two.

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And lastly, the baby creations continue. Just a peek though because niece Heaether read this blog!


Every girl needs to start off life with a complete wardrobe of shoes and hats!

This is my new favorite color.


The packaging calls it something lame like "soft pink". Very unimaginative. It's more of a pink geranium, don't you think?

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That's all from me. Now it's your turn. Are you inspired by these artists? Do you want to grab an x-acto knife or a cookie cutter or are you content to watch them create their goodness?

Have a great day everyone. I'm not going to make any promises. I'll be here when I can and be gone when I'm busy and stressed.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you, funny thing we had the real Oreos here, I usually don't by cookies but when shopping for groceries with my dil the other day she suggested them.
I posted on your last entry about your pancake mix recipe, well, I used it to make pancakes and they got thumbs up from my family, I will never buy a mix again!
I sure wish I was crafty! so many things out there to try.
have a great Wednesday!

Lisa D. said...

I miss your Monday Morning Staff Meetings, no matter which day of the week they fall on :)
I feel the same way about the Vanilla Oreos. Glad your house will be back in order before much longer. I always find that messes that are waiting on someone else are always harder to deal with than messes that are just waiting on me.
My goodness, those are two very talented women! Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. And no, I'm not inspired at all! I'm perfectly content to just enjoy and admire their talent! :)

Millicent said...

Glad for the staff meeting today. I just love those cookies!!! They are to die for, and I'd love to be able to make some like those. I love the paper artist, but looking at those just overwhelms me - even more than those beautiful cookies. Have a blessed week.

Terri said...

Happy Monday to you, too! Always good to hear from you on any given Monday. Thanks for sharing all those talents. I do love crafts, but my attempts are not that grand. Like yesterday when I sewed 4 difficult seams, matching cross seams in about 16 places for each seam, and then realizing that I was going to put a plain strip between... Now I unsew. But I have bright spots in my days, and you are one of the brightest!!! Thanks for being there.

Belle said...

The paper cutting and cookies are amazing!