Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Berries, as Big as Your Fist

The Other Mother went shopping last week and brought home some strawberries, bananas and apples. She usually buys several containers of blueberries also.

The blueberries have become somewhat of a family joke. The Other Mother and her sister read somewhere the blueberries help you live longer and so they both eat a tiny bit of cereal with their blueberries. Panic ensues if the blueberry stash reaches a critically low point.

Phone discussion between the two sisters focuses on the price of blueberries, as if it was a commodity being traded like gold. The Farmer and I always challenge her claims of "They say....."

"They say blueberries help you live longer......"

"Mom, you've already lived longer that almost everyone you know."

There are hundreds of variations of the "They say..." to which the Farmer always counters, "Who are THEY and why should we believe what THEY SAY?"

Anyway, it's amazing to me that in this time of global markets we can buy strawberries year round. It's always summer somewhere I guess. The berries the Other Mother brought home were as big as my fist.


Each pint only contained about 4 or 5 berries, but they were monsters. Lately the fruit is tasteless. Do you think it's because they are picked before they are ripe and ripen off the vine in shipment?

I wasn't expecting much from these super large berries but they were absolutely delicious. Very sweet and juicy. I grabbed some ingredients and ate them as Strawberries Chantilly. A co-worker introduced me to this years ago and it remains my favorite. If you give each person their own set up they can double dip to their heart's content.

Very simple.....

Sour cream
Brown sugar

Dip the strawberry in the sour cream, then into the brown sugar. Take a bite. Be amazed. Repeat and repeat until you've eaten all the berries.

Have a great day everyone.


Becky K. said...

My mouth is officially watering....
That sounds delightful!

Lisa D. said...

I love the availibility of fresh fruit and veggies all year round. Makes winter a little more bearable, although some of it can be rather dry and flavourless.
I always put an orange in my children's Christmas stockings and remind them that an orange used to be a special treat that you might only see at Christmas time.

Vee said...

I know! We picked up some strawberries that size and I had zero expectations for them, but they were wonderful.

It's funny when your beloved's mother is planning how to increase her days at 90 years of age. I think that she has very little to be concerned about. What's that that THEY say? If you live to be 90, you just keep right on going. THEY also say that the first hundred years are the hardest.

Terri said...

I have read that blueberries have the most antioxidants... helps prevent cancer. I read lots of tid bits and repeat them to my family, too. A prophet is never recognized in his own land. My kids think I have alzheimer's, and just poo-poo any wisdom I try to pass on to them. Then a few months later tell it back to me, like they invented it!
Yes, lots of things are losing their flavor. (Some of it is that they pick things before they are ripe - we have tangerines and oranges, and know this to be true. You will never know the sweetness of an orange picked in March instead of November, an amazing difference. I think the big growers pick them as soon as they turn orange. We wait a few more months and get really juicy and sweet oranges and tangerines.)

Crafting Marfa said...

Sounds delicious. I've bought some of those hugemonster strawberries and I love them.

Donna@soakinginmustard.com said...

Wow, that strawberry is ginormous! The next time I pick up some strawberries, I will try them with sour cream and brown sugar. Sounds delicious, thanks for sharing Suzanne.