Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shopping for Fleas

No, we're not really going to shop for fleas, but I thought you might like to poke around the flea market. We enjoyed the country breakfast at our Monday Morning Staff Meeting and I thought you might like to see a couple of the booths at the local flea market.

The Kane County Flea Market is pretty well known in these parts and there are plenty of booths that are chocked full with most anything you can think of.

This guy makes furniture and uses vintage elements. I recognize the doors on this cabinet as windows that would have been flanking a fireplace in a typical midwestern bungalow.


I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of the white, white, white painted furniture.


This dressing table has lovely bones and curves but I'd still love to see it in it's original wood.


This was my favorite booth. It was filled with really cool and unusual things. This Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware look is more to my liking. She had a huge wooden bowl filled with large clear light bulbs. Very unusual but cool. She had not one but TWO beautiful vintage dress forms. Unfortunately they were for display only. Sigh.


Digging around a flea market is hard work. As a reward there's pie!


What's your style? Is it white and French or warm and earthy? Or maybe something else.

P.S. It's 35 degrees here this morning and it might snow on Friday. Sigh. Also, blogger has published today's post THREE different times and yesterday's post twice. Gremlins in the machine.

10 comments: said...

I like natural wood colors. All white is too matchy, matchy for my taste. That hutch was very nice, the windows he used make the piece.
Have a great Wednesday, Donna

Thirkellgirl said...

My preference is light wood, birch, pale maple, and some painted wood, white, cream, pale colors. I inherited a boatload of cherry and mahogany, though, and have been trying to make it work together. Not easy. I recovered a Chippendale reproduction chair (cherry, made by my father) with a beautiful tapestry fabric that has an aqua background, and that has helped me figure out a color scheme that might make all this stuff go together harmoniously. I like painting things white!

Lisa D. said...

Love the pictures and all the furniture in the pictures and jealous of your flea markets!
I used to prefer the natural woods, but now I find I prefer white. I like bright sunny rooms, and with a small house and all the clutter of 4 children, too much wood tone just feels dark, cluttered and closed in for me. I love the details in the furniture you photographed.

Rose said...

I love flea markets, but seems like so many around here are not what they used to be. Very seldom find one with stuff like your favorite booth...I love looking through stuff like that.

Susan S. said...

That looks like a GREAT flea market. I'm very eclectic....I don't like everything matchy, matchy, but some painted furniture is fine. However, I usually paint it a color instead of white, but must admit that I like looking at blogs that have a lot of white and neutrals....they just aren't for my lifestyle, but I enjoy looking. and YUM...pie! I was recently given a sign that says "Pie Fixes Everything"..and I think that's true! I can't believe ya'll are having such COLD weather. We are already reaching the high 80's....summer's around the bend and gonna be very hot!!!

Terri said...

I love wood, the grain, the natural colors. I especially like to see woodwork that is still in it's original state. I hate to see people - like on tv- buy an old home and gut it to open out the rooms and install metal stairs, etc. Someday someone else will have to pay astronomically to have the whole thing put back to a period place.

Vee said...

My style? I'm sure I don't have one because I like nearly everything. What's that called besides eclectic?

Are you tracking your furniture? Is it any closer? ;>

Millicent said...

I like some of both. I sort of like some of the antiques painted white these days, but I like to balance with the look of wood and darker colors. Can't believe it's so cold there still. Here in TX we're having record highs in the high 80s and 90 or so. Glad you're back from the house updating and posting more ;)

lifeinredshoes said...

White, definitly white. And believe it or not, UTAH HAS NO FLEA MARKETS!!!!
So this summer my plan is to travel to California and get my fill :)
Pie, always room for pie!

moomama said...

Oh, where was this at? I'm not ever too far (N. IL)for a trip to a good flea market!