Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding Tea

You are such patient readers. I promised you a look into the Royal Wedding Tea that I attended last Friday. I've heard it said that the news cycle is only 15 minutes but we're going to extend that and relive that wonderful royal event.

Billions worldwide watched the wedding on TV. That's alot of pressure on two young people.

My very first thought was, "They have trees in Westminster??" That was the most beautiful and ethereal touch.

The tea was hosted by neighbors Jacki and the Queen Bee - Elizabeth! Yes, Neighbor Betty's given name is Elizabeth. How perfect is that?


Queen Bee Betty was looking regal in her purple suit and matching hat. Doesn't she have the most beautiful blue eyes?

Here's Jacki, the other hostess. She's our resident Brit. Her parents were both British, she was born in Canada and now lives in the U.S. She's multi-cultural. Here she is in her beautiful hot pink hat.

The Farmer's Wife and Jacki.

As you can see, you convinced me to wear the large jewels. It's actually a vintage Weiss rhinestone set and a vintage hat. Even though my grandmother was a milliner, I look terrible in hats! Never could wear them. I was worried a bit about wearing all black to a wedding but was relieved to see that Victoria Beckham wore all black to the wedding. What does that say about me? I must be fashion forward. Or, as Betty's husband commented, "You look like someone's immigrant grandmother, all dressed in black!" He's right!!!

Here's a peek at some of the decor. Union Jacks, British magazines and a black-and-white photo taken by Jacki's uncle of Liz Taylor and others being presented to the Queen.


Help yourself to a mimosa. There's also tea and because we're Americans - coffee.


Love those mimosas.


Here's neighbor Donna enjoying the coffee.


The Mother (my mom) was all dressed up in a royal purple dress with matching jacket. She has a tiny tiara on her head. She's a huge Princess Diana fan and so she wore a pearl choker, which was Diana's signature piece of jewelry. I wonder if Kate will embrace the jewelry wearing tradition.


There was plenty of wonderful food including quiche, a pineapple and cheese casserole, wild Maine blueberries, cookies and petit fours.


I've got to show you a close up of Queen Betty's gorgeous chandelier. I just don't want to be the one who cleans it!


Here's the adorable Lynn and the ever-fashionable Ellen.

Neighbors Lynn and Ellen.

Lynn had the most adorable little hat and some sexy lacy fingerless gloves.

We had a great time visiting, discussing Kate's regal comportment, poise and great posture. Her mother did a good job telling her to, "Stand up straight!"

Jacki, Susan, Alyssa and Donna

Here's another neighbor wearing my favorite hat of all.


It belonged to her mother and I'm sure that I've got a photograph of my grandmother wearing this same style hat. She would sew all those little flowers on the hat base by hand!

Thanks for coming along to the Royal Wedding Tea. All through the services, with the tree lined aisle and her dress I kept thinking of the Lord of the Rings and Arwen.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the wedding and the royal couple.


Leslie T. said...

Wow, what a fantastic celebration! You and your friends did it so well!

Vee said...

I'd rather tell you my thoughts about your wonderful group of friends. I've never seen more beautiful ladies at that hour of the morning. It looks as if you all enjoyed a great time!

Yes, loved the trees in the Abbey...a stroke of inspiration, loved the dress, loved the ceremony, loved the Queen's outfit, too.

Mary Rex said...

I agree with Vee. What an attractive and friendly looking group of neighbors you have. I like my own neighbors...but I think I would rather be your neighbor. The hats are wonderful.

I did not watch it 'live', but I had off Friday and did watch the continuing news coverage. It was a lovely wedding.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

What fun!!! I've seen lots of blogs, blogging about the Royal Wedding. But none, who had as much fun as you did!!! Hooray!!! "Party, and carry on"

Who am I and where did I come from? -giggles- From Dear Vee's 'A Haven For Vee' blog. Where you won!

And I loved, loved, loved the sound of your comment... Saying; "It's all about how we frame things..." That line covers so many things, in life. And it's Wisdom. Simple Wisdom, like common sense is Simple Wisdom. Thank you for saying it and thus, for my seeing it.

Gentle hugs..
And Please let me explain...

Jayne said...

And I just sat in my nightgown while watching! I wish I had thought to throw a party! Looks like you had such a great time. I did love Bride Kates' incredible composure. She is a beauty, isn't she?

Lisa D. said...

Suzanne, I think you look great in your hat. As do all the other ladies. I wish I could have been at your celebration. I stayed up all night and watched by myself, (the first coverage started at midnight, with the ceremony at 4 am) with my tea in a Royal Albert tea cup. Then I woke my 9 year old daughter up just before 6:30, in time to watch the balcony kisses, before she had to get ready for school.
I loved the wedding, the dresses, the hats, Prince William's choice of uniform. It was all just lovely.
I did not like the trees in Westminster Abbey. I just think the abbey is so wonderful on it's own, that I really didn't like the trees, at first. After seeing them from some different views though, I think I probably wouldn't have the same opinion if I saw them in person.
And did you see a picture of the wedding cake? It was beautiful.

Jody Blue said...

That is royal fun! What a great idea!

Terri said...

I loved the party! I'm afraid I didn't wear a hat though. Lynn sure did - I'd vote for her hat as best of show! I'd bet everybody made their gloves. I don't even know where you'd buy a pair anymore. I had gloves when a kid, but they all went to dress-up bins for daughter and then grands. Anyway, the party was a wonderful way to bring the wedding to the colonies, and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for inviting us.

Belle said...

Thanks so much for sharing your party with us. It was wonderful! Your favorite hat - my mom used to wear one like it only it was a cream color.

lifeinredshoes said...

I wish I were your neighbor, what a great group of women!
I loved the wedding, every last detail. Very tasteful but individual, I got the impression that Will and Kate were having a wonderful time:)
Looking back at Diana's wedding, she looked shellshocked?

Pamela said...

What a fun gathering you and your friends had! I love that everyone got dressed up with hats and jewels!

I thought the wedding was beautiful! They did an amazing job of mixing pomp & circumstance with the personal ceremony. The wedding dress was gorgeous and Katherine was unbelievably poised. They seem to be so in love. I also thought the trees were a beautiful touch! It was fun to watch - although I was on my sofa in my jammies!