Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday Morning Staff Meeting on Tuesday

This is progress! I realize that the Monday Morning Staff Meeting should actually be held on Monday, but Tuesday is certainly an improvement over Thursday.

This morning I invite everyone to have a big piece of birthday cake.


The Other Mother will turn 90 years old on July 3rd. Last weekend her church presented her with a cake and sang Happy Birthday at their annual picnic.

The Other Mother prepares to cut her cake.

Grab a piece of cake and let's get started.

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There are lots of very talented people in this world and we are able to connect via the internet. I want to introduce you to one designer who generously offers free patterns on her blog.


Rebeka sells her handbags on Etsy but if you look on her right sidebar you'll also see that she has some free patterns and tutorials.

I love her market bag. Other patterns are available for sale here:


Thanks Rebeka for your generosity.

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My blog list is very, very eclectic. VERY eclectic. Along with a few decorating and personal "at home" type blogs, I follow a pillow astronaut.


What's a pillow astronaut you ask? Why, it's a test subject for NASA's microgravity tests to determine the effect of weightlessness on the human body.

She's my go-to person for all things NASA and space. And she's a Star Trek fan and all around fun and interesting person.

I also follow a theoretical physicist/super hero Ethan Siegel at:


Rounding out the science category is Scott Maxwell's blog, Mars and Me.


Scott drives for a living. He doesn't drive an 18 wheeler or an SUV. Scott is one of the Mars Rover drivers!

I also follow alot of the cookie bakers. These bakers/decorators make some of the most beautiful edible creations and they share some of their secrets.

If you remember, I attempted a decorated cookie for my niece's baby shower.


I was fun and they turned out pretty good but honestly this is SO MUCH work I can't imagine doing it for anything other than a very special occasion. These women bake and decorate thousands of cookies.

One of the bakers does wonderful things other than cookies. It's Bake at 350.


Look at this crazy good thing.


I am never disappointed at her offerings.

One of the other cookie bakers is Nicole. She lives on the Air Force base near Minot, North Dakota. Currently she is chronicling the devastating floods in Minot. It's hearbreaking to witness people losing everything.

I can't imagine what it will take for this community to rebound. The schools are all flooded, some up to the rooflines!


You can follow her for further updates.


These are our neighbors, regardless of whether they live 1,000 yards away or 1,000 miles. If you want to help, donations are being accepted by the American Red Cross.

Lastly, it's curious how many bloggers are facing huge challenges right now. It seems that each and every day there's another blogger taking leave because of physical or personal challenges. It's life, I know, but it just seems like there's a wave of tough stuff hitting people right now.

To all those blogger who take their leave - you will remain on my blog list and I'll be anxiously awaiting your return.


Vee said...

Oh what a nice thing for the church to do! Beautiful cake for a lovely lady. Looks as if she enjoyed it, too. (Another celebration coming up soon?)

You have such wide and varied tastes. I'm going to attempt to visit all your links one day soon. "Life's a Batch" such a clever name!

Terri said...

That cake was delicious and so were the other offerings. Thanks for the meeting. No matter what day it falls on I want to be there!

Millicent said...

The Other Mother does NOT look to be 90! She looks younger than my other mother who is only 77 this summer. My daughter's birthday is the day after the Other Mother's on the 4th of July. She always thought all those fireworks were for her ;) Thanks for the staff meeting, I always enjoy them. I've been to Bake at 350, but I'm looking forward to seeing Life's a Batch.

Lisa D. said...

I will happily attend the staff meeting on any day of the week :).
Happy birthday to your mother-in-law,
I will have to check out the science blogs. I love physics, astronomy and other assorted geeky type things. At the moment, I am reading "Majestie" - the King behind the King James Bible by David Teems. It is my other nerdy loves - British Royal history and the English language. I am so excited to read it :)

Renae @ theredwren said...

The Other mother looks great for 90! The cake is just lovely.

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

The cake was decorated really nice. That was so nice for the church to remember this lady. She really looks younger than 90.