Friday, July 22, 2011

Can You Spot the Tourists?

The Farmer and I are leaving on vacation tomorrow morning. We've chosen an undisclosed location so that we're not bothered by the paparazzi. Honestly, can you imagine not being able to go anywhere without the scrutiny of others? Fame has it's costs and that's certainly a big one.


I bought this postcard because I thought it was so funny. Of course, you won't catch me in anything this short and I don't smoke! Neither does the Farmer. But just pretend this is the two of us, cameras in hand, looking to see the sights.

I'll catch up with you when we return. Have a wonderful week everyone.


Becky K. said...

Well, if you happen to be on your way to Lancaster County, shoot me an email...........I would want to make you feel welcome. Or don't if you don't want to deal with blog paparazzi. Smile

Tess said...

Happy trails.

Terri said...

Have a safe and fun trip!

Vee said...

Enjoy your undisclosed vacation. I hope that it's cooler wherever you're going. That is one hot mama on that postcard. Sizzlin' hot.

Lily said...

Have a great time!

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

So cute! I couldn't help but laugh at the card, and imagine you two. Have a wonderful vacation!!