Monday, July 18, 2011

H - O - T

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Becky, the Berkshire hog.

This is how we're feeling here in the upper midwest. Just overcome by the heat and lying low. The heat index is incredible and we're using all kinds of tricks to keep the Other Mother out of the yard. She insists on doing her gardening .... whatever. But this weather is downright dangerous.

I feel like I've fallen off the blogging wagon lately. We've been busy with YET ANOTHER party for the Other Mother's 90th birthday. Basically, I'm down with it. Enough already.

For now I'm going to pull down all the blinds, turn on the ceiling fans and try my best to keep cool. You do the same!


Terri said...

Soak your feet in cool, not cold, water! I mean it. We in CA know heat, and that is a good trick to get cool in a hurry. (Also, you have to sit to do it, and that's about all you can do on the hot days.) Cool drinks and cool feet.

Thirkellgirl said...

I know, I'm terrible, but my first thought was... let her garden. It's hot here, too! My daughters are camp-counseling and they come home limp noodles.

Vee said...

Yes, that foot soaking really does work and a cool cloth on the back of the neck and lots of delicious iced tea or coffee.

As for gardening, I'd just mention that one must be practical and if she's not buying it, then she's an adult. Older folks don't realize how warm it is and since they always feel slightly chilled, it's a blessing for them to be warm.

The humidity is rising here, but the temps are still good so we'll survive this day.

Lisa D. said...

Trade you a little of that heat for some of the rain we've been getting! I am tired of rain. As much as I'm not a hot weather girl, I could use a little sunshine :)

Journey said...

I can relate to the heat! From inside it looked nice and I actually thought about going out to move a couple of plants. Walked outside and it was like a sauna - and I'm not so fond of saunas! So here I am, browsing the internet - next best thing to shopping.

Stay cool!!! Cooler days are coming - and I hops soon!

bv said...

Oh my do I hear you...first 70th anniversary, then 90th b'day,mothers day,fathers day and now another 90th....i know, how lucky am I to have both still here but really when's my party...yeah
, I'm a whiner....BV

Sandy said...

I've already started my countdown!! 67 days til Fall!!!

franinoz said...

Come and spend the day with us, the forecast is for snow and I've just made chocolate bread as a warmer!

Anonymous said...

I understand you getting tired out, this heat is enough to do anyone in, can't wait till next week, we are supposed to get a break.
we had parties for my parents in 09 and 2010 for their 80th bdays, they celebrated 60yrs in 2010 too, but said they just wanted a party with their kids, grands and great grands. so we did a potluck for them at our church. a lot of their friends( at the bday parties) said they would enjoy coming to a party for the 60th as at their ages they do too many funerals and its nice to have the celebrations. but we listened to mom and dad.
take care and I am gonna try soaking my feet!

Tess said...

A gardening phenom in my yard....I'm growing potato chips. Everything here is THAT crispy.

Yours at the Menger,


Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

I know it has been a terrible hot year. Even down here in the Houston Texas area it is hotter and drier than normal. I hope you get some relief before long.