Tuesday, September 20, 2011

About that job

I've mentioned the fact that I got a job. Yes, another job. I'm going to keep getting jobs until one sticks!

I did like the last job demonstrating food at the local Sam's Club. Then I danced on the two-edged sword. Our very, very, VERY expensive COBRA insurance ran out. No matter for the Farmer because he went on Medicare and supplement but since I'm a relatively young chick (yeah, right) I still needed insurance for two years. I was lucky enough to be accepted into a state program that acts as a big group policy, allowing those who can't find insurance anywhere else to obtain a good policy. AND, it's 1/3 the cost of what we were paying on COBRA. The only catch? You can't work for a company that offers health insurance. My little part-time job demonstrating food did offer a ridiculous policy which paid about $20 on a $20,000 hospital bill. And so, crazy as it may seem, I had to quit my job to get health insurance.

I still visit the women I worked with because they were fun and interesting people.

The new job is with a local furniture store and my first question before I filled out the application was, "Do you offer health insurance to part-time employees? No? Good!"

Now, that's crazy.

The new job is good, I like the people alot but this is tons and tons of product information and policies for this old brain to remember. I'm going to stick with it for awhile because the Farmer and I need to tie up some loose ends before we actually retire. Some days it doesn't seem like that will ever happen. We keep putting one foot in front of another and keep our eyes on the goals we've set.

Let me say this though..... you must be flexible and not be "married" to a dream. Dreams are good. Dreams keep us focused and moving forward but if, for some reason, that dream can't be realized you must be able to reset, reorganize and find another dream to be happy with.

The Anthony Chapel - Hot Spings Village, Arkasas
No far from our retirement property.

Case in point. The Farmer and I have owned a piece of beautiful property and our intent has always been to build. The reality is that it makes no sense to build at $150 a square foot when we can find a beautiful home with a view equal to our lot for $80 a square foot. And so, like a computer we've reset and relaunched.

How about you? Is it easy for you to alter your dreams and expectations or is this something you struggle with?

Tomorrow I'll give you a heads up on some local events.


Chris said...

Suzanne, my husband & I husband are in exactly the same situation (even the timing) regarding health care, as yourself. My state doesn't have a plan such as you mentioned, as far as I know. You can believe I am going to check on it! The plan with which I had my cobra has a nifty little plan for $817 per month...Oy!

bv said...

sometimes our dreams change for a reason...it may take time for the reveal but then we say "this was meant to be"!
i always wanted to build, i have a house plan in my head and i have put it on paper. i have to say, now, it just seems like to much work. this home seems just perfect!
bv xo

Terri said...

So far we are lucky not to be bag people. We can't sell our home but luckily we are able to pay the mortgage, which, my hubby was able to get the amount reduced. My insurance is also over $800 per month. Hubby is on Medicare - which I see the President wants to cost us more. (Be afraid, be very afraid.)

Vee said...

It is not easy to reset goals and, like everyone else, I've had to reset nearly all of them.

What a crazy situation you describe with insurance. I'm glad that you were able to find something. Our state does not offer such a plan yet.

All the best with your new job.

Tess said...

In 2009, the hubs promised I could retire in October 2010. Shortly after that promise, the bottom fell out of the stock market and the economy. I'm still working. You do what you gotta do and reboot.

Yours at the Menger,


Ruta M. said...

Free NHS healthcare is one reason I'm glad to be living in the UK. Everyone who is working gets National Insurance taken out of their pay towards this but working or not we all get the same (sometimes not so brilliant) healthcare. There is a small charge for medicines but the young, old and unemployed get that free and if you need several prescriptions on a regular baisis you can buy a 6 or 12 month card which works out at £9 per month for unlimited prescriptions. We do have to pay for dental care and many are forced to pay for private treatment which is expensive.
Re changing plans, we set our hearts on emmigrating to New Zealand as they needed teachers. Then the recession hit and suddenly all the vacancies were filled by New Zealanders. Now I am over the age limit (55) and instead we are looking to move to a smaller more economical property in Wales. That's just the way things are and instead of the challenge of moving to a new land we can plan a dream house which we may or may not build. And we will have to think about learning Welsh as it is still the first language for quite a few people in Wales. That will be a challenge.

Mary REx said...

None of my plans have really turned out the way I thought...but sometimes that has lead to something good that I could not have imagined. Hope things will turn out that way for you too.

TnTConnect said...

I think Garth Brooks said it right..."I thank God for unanswered prayers". Think of how our dreams have changed with each decade of our lives. It is so awesome that everyone that responded, was able to do so positively. I am constantly having to amend my wants vs. my needs. It builds more character in me every day...sorry to those of you that know me personally and thought I was character enough. LOL

Millicent said...

Sometimes the rules just make us dumber, don't you think? Just like your health insurance options.

I do have dreams that have to change sometimes. We originally were going to build a home on a beautiful lot in our neighborhood, when my husband lost his job, etc. etc. Then, we bought the house we are in now. Same neighborhood. We still have the lot. It is a beautiful larger lot with many big oaks on it. This house sits on a lot that has a waterview across the street and between the houses there. Where to go? Hard decisions, so.....we haven't made a firm one yet. We hold onto our lot and live here. :)

Jody Blue said...

Your post reminds me of the old saying the tighter one hangs on to something the more it slips threw your fingers. Resetting can bring more blessings:)

lifeinredshoes said...

OMH, what is this world coming to when a job with benefits is worse than one without?
Dreams, you wanna talk dreams? They are for young people that haven't had reality beat it out of them yet!
I think we readjust our dreams as we get older. Now I dream of enjoyng good health and being mortgage free :)

Silvia said...

Oh god what a eye opener with the insurance! I have been on the state plan years ago, and had to cancel because we did not make the extra $800 a month to pay for it.It is beyond me how the state assumes everyone is able to afford that price tag??? I hope for you that there will be a cheaper alternative until you retire and live your dream.

Marilyn said...

First a question. The chapel is beautiful. I've seen it before and always thought it was just lovely. It appears to be open air but is it enclosed by glass walls? If so what an amazing design.

As for dreams, I think of myself and very practical and willing to take what comes knowing that one of the few things we can count on in this life is change. Perhaps my dreams and plans are just more short term. I look forward to the next event and try to let that keep me from looking back too much. I put aside money and buy what insurances I can and try to let the rest take care of itself.

Marilyn from Norfolk

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Oh Suzanne, can I ever relate to this post! I just feel trapped most days in an impossible situation! I tried to contact you by email, but my email is apparently not set up properly and I have no idea what that means! If you have the time, please send me you email address!