Thursday, September 22, 2011

Local Events

We're heading into fall and that means lots of local events are scheduled. People in this area love their fall festivals and other happenings!

There's a local Scarecrow Fest coming up and the big Pumpkin Fest in nearby Sycamore. This weekend is the fall festival at the Boone County Conservation District. This is a great festival. If you're in the norther Illinois area, don't miss it.

While reading the paper the other day I came upon an advertisement for a senior prom. What, you ask, isn't this the wrong time of year for a prom? No! It's not a high school prom it's one for senior citizens.

That's right. One of the local senior living place is putting on a prom. What a great idea. Dancing. Appetizers. Crowning of the King and Queen. What could be better? It's only $10 per couple.


I think the Farmer and I need to go but unfortunately I'm working that evening. Dang. This job is affecting all my fun.

What about you? Any cool fall events in your area?


Tess said...

It's still too hot here and our 10 days of fall will come sometime in early November. When the temp breaks the 90 degree mark, I will clean my oven. That's my plan.


Lisa D. said...

Tess, you want to send a little of that heat way up north? Please?
That senior prom sounds like fun! Maybe you could arrange to be "sick" that day of work?
We've already had a couple of our annual fall activities. Sending the kids back to school, for one, and their activities. And every September our church has a free kids' clothing give away. Harvesting is well underway. Hunting season has begun. The area where I grew up always has a Fall Supper at the community hall, but we don't have one up here. We do have Thanksgiving coming up soon, in October.

Vee said...

Other than the actor known as Dr. Mc*Dreamy who'll be biking through town in a few weeks, I don't know. Oh I do love the church fairs and will try to attend even if I must go alone and even if I find myself teary-eyed.

Now what would you wear, Suzanne, if you were able to go? A red satin dress would look lovely with your coloring or perhaps a deep teal. What style? Would the farmer wear a tux?

Where in the world is Jefferson City, Missouri said...

It seems in this area they all have them on the same week end. This week end in Mexico, MO there is a camp out of the world wars, civilwar and 1812 war. It looks so neat, in Jefferson City there is the Octoberfest in Sept. Weiner dog races, food and fun. I could go on and on but too many to list all on the weekend of the 24th. Oct 1 st is the big one in a small town of Hatton, Mo where hundred of craft people descend on this town. Food is great. All there is in this little town is a church and some houses. But really neat.....O this week in in O'fallon, Illinois is the strange craft fair, which is fabulous....juried arts, Then of course is the big Plaza Art fair, in Kansas City, MO which is to die for....crafters from all over america in this one. A must see....I could go on and on.....I can't go I have class that week next week end there will be nothing.....hahahah

Where in the world is Jefferson City, Missouri said...

Lets count the festivals. All on the 24th of the month.
1. Jefferson City, Oktoberfest. Weiner dog race and food.
2. Mexico, MO fall fest of all the wars, 1812, spanish, civil, www1 & 2, and Korean war all camp ins. An crafts and food.
3. O'Fallon, Ill the Strangefellow juried crafts, they come from all over the US.
4. Kansas City, MO Plaza Art Fest. A must see for any lover of the arts. Food , art and music.
There are more, too.

The best one is Oct 1st at Hatton, MO a small town of a church and a few houses. But hundreds of crafters come and loads of people come. The food is great and so are the crafters......

Of course all the churches have their festivals on a Sunday offering great food. and Such.....

I have class all this week end and can't go........story of my life.....hahah

Pamela said...

A senior prom! What a fun idea! I live in Southern Delaware. We have the Apple-Scrapple Festival in our town of Bridgeville (home of Rapa brand scrapple)in early October. After Halloween, we have the world famous "Punkin Chunkin" right down the road. Gotta love country living! :)

Ang. said...

There are no good fall events where I live now. We still travel back home to Sycamore every year for Pumpkin Festival. When you grow up with Pumpkin Fest as your measuring stick for fall festivals its hard to find one that is worthy!