Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday of all because it's centered around family, food and thankfulness.

My sister hosted this year and I'm forever grateful. I worked thirty hours this week and lack of energy would have made it impossible for me to pull the whole thing together.

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? I know Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, although a littler earlier but how about the rest of the world, is there any similar holiday across the globe?


Lily said...

Hi Suzanne! Good to hear that you had a nice holiday.
Here in Germany we do not have a holiday like thanksgiving. One Sunday is called "Erntedank" and it is about thanking God for the fruits and everything else we got the year. Well, it can not compete with Thanksgiving - I think it is a lot smaller

Connie (aka LOU) said...

Suzanne -

Lucky you that your sister hosted. It's amazing how much energy gets zapped putting in the hours at work. I'm the same way, and as you said in one of your previous posts, doing some of the mundane things can be peaceful and enjoyable. Glad your other mother is cooperating at the moment. Oh, and lucky Lisa D for winning that fabulous green neck warmer. Have a peaceful rest of the weekend.
Connie LOU

Franinoz said...

No, we don't have Thanksgiving in Oz, but I was in Des Moines for Thanksgiving once, and my hosts invited everyone I'd met during my stay; it was a wonderful experience that makes a great memory; a day that doesn't revolve around the hassle of trying to find the right presents for folk. Black Friday rather spoils the effect, of course!