Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Morning Staff Meeting - the Long Time No See Edition

Good morning everyone! So sorry for my long absence. Thanks to all my loyal friends who e-mailed me inquiring about our health and well-being. It never ceases to amaze that I've managed to meet such wonderful people thanks to the magic of the internet.

We are somewhat healthy. The Son works at a nursing home/rehabilitation center and it's like a daycare facility, when one person gets sick the illness spreads like wildfire. The flu has made it's way through our house and now the Other Mother is sick (went to Urgent Care yesterday) with things going downhill as I type this entry. The Son, R.N. will be home in a few minutes and will make the assessment as to whether to go to the E.R. It's a good thing to have a medical professional under the roof when dealing with the health of a 90-yr-old.

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I've got a 3 x 5 index card here on my desk with notes about all the things I have to tell you. Hopefully I'll be able to do that in the next couple of days and get myself back into the writing/blogging groove. Writing is a habit that we must cultivate. Can you remember the last time you wrote something BEFORE the internet came along? Unless you're a writing professional it was probably in high school.

I've said before that my high school English teacher is cheering from heaven about the fact that so many naturally talented writers are emerging from this technology. And she's equally happy about the fact that the medium has leveled the playing field and given exposure to those people who would never otherwise have been noticed.

I've said before that Jesse White Crow is one of my favorites. He walked across the United States, stopping in public libraries to post his entries. He composes the most spectacular sentences. I remember reading as he went along and saying to myself, "If only I could put words together like this".

Here's my all-time favorite White Crow sentence:

"In a minute the coyote is over by the dry creek bed singing it's painful woes to a night that makes all of creation wish they'd mastered fire."


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I'd like to introduce you to another wonderful writer. Her name is Lucy and she lives in a 100-yr-old Victorian home in the north of England. Oh, be still my heart. Her blog is called Attic 24. I don't know what the 24 stands for but she does indeed have an attic from which she regularly takes photos. This is such a good idea I just might steal it although the view from my window isn't quite as breathtaking as hers.


Whilst poking around online, looking for crochet patterns or fellow crochet enthusiasts, I found her site and was immediately drawn in. Her crocheted blankets are such beauties of color and design, they make your heart sing. But stop and read because she shares her life with such beautiful words.

Don't miss her trip to Dorset with photos of her Mum's cottage! Omigosh, I want to book a flight as we speak. Can you imagine the cozy wonderfulness (is that a word?) of such a place?


Love the lime green door and that old Esse stove makes me want to curl up with some yarn and a crochet hook.

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There will be more tomorrow including an update on the Other Mother. See you then and thanks for your loyalty, support and friendship. It means everything to me.

(Sorry, no photos today - just words.)


Connie (aka LOU) said...

Suzanne - So glad you are back!!! I just saw another post yesterday from someone looking for any updates from you, and here it is! Isn't it wonderful that you are missed. I agree......there are so many good writers out there and I include you in that bunch. Hope everyone gets better soon over your way.
Connie LOU

Vee said...

Nice to see you here, Suzanne. I figured that something was up and that you'd pop back to the surface when things settled down...except I see that they haven't really. I'm sorry that your mother-in-law is so ill and know the feeling of gratitude for a nurse in the family. All families should have one, a lawyer would come in handy, too.

Oh I am off to see what delights you've found as I trust your good recommendation.

That sentence? I don't like it. Way too creative and poetic for me. ;>

bv said...

GOOD MORNING! my world is back on course! hard to start the day without a shot of ahwtfw. oh yes, know all about the 90 year olds....we have been helping my mom and dad (married 71 years) to stay in their home...a daily job. i now have lots of help in place but they depend on me for everything. i am so glad that i can be there for them. but i am exhusted...i don't think the indepentace is going to last as with each day they faded..
soooo glad to 'see' you...

Vee said...

So I went to visit Lucy and found that I had been introduced to her blog by Catherine Holman last week. I recommended her haircut to Catherine who is looking for something new. :D What fun!

I had not see her mum's cottage and loved every second of that tour. Everything is so close that it feels wonderfully cozy. I'm sure that a gal of the fields and prairies, as you are, especially delights in it.

Tess said...

Well, thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you! I had checked in earlier and your post wasn't up, was starting to worry about you. take care and hope to 'see' you again soon! Pam

PamKittyMorning said...

I hope things perk up for you. Ugh the crud, I hate being sick. This makes me think I'll head out for a flu shot today. Or soon. My mom got one, I should have got it with her. Be well you and your peoples. xo

Terri said...

Can't wait for tomorrow! I always enjoy your posts.

renae said...

lovely to see you back!
I hope the Other Mother's health improves.

I recently downloaded a daily blog plan to start jotting down notes of what I'd like to write about. Prior to the Internet I wrote daily - story snippets, journal entries etc. I was effortless back then but not anymore!

LDF said...

Oh my! i haven't attended a Monday morning staff meeting in ages! (My laptop died, and with it went 'my favourites', and since I have a great 0.0123 second long memory, links to many of my favourite bloggers.) I still dabble at writing other than my blog. Maybe someday I'll have time to REALLY write. Hope y'all get on top of that flu bug soon!

Anonymous said...

Please continue to write, I have missed you. This flu is mean, stay heathly.