Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cookie Magic

This week has been a flurry of home health nurse visits, physical therapist visits, doctor visits and more EKG's than you can shake a stick at. Thankfully the doctor has told the Other Mother that she cannot drive.... for now. The snow will fly soon and that will put an end to her driving for the winter and hopefully this will actually be the end of her driving forever.

I do not lament the loss of "independence" because it's just a fact of life. If we are lucky enough to live to an advanced age we will lose aspects of our independence. It's reality. Anyone diagnosed with a debilitating illness is forced to deal with this reality, some at very young ages. It just IS. The sooner you make peace with this idea the better off everyone will be.

I faced illness that left me never knowing if I'd be able to function on any given day. You just tell yourself, "I'll get up and do what I can do for this day. Tomorrow is another day and perhaps I'll be able to do more."

Yesterday the Other Mother thought she might like to go to the store and shop but I know that there are issues that could cause her to faint or become weak. On advice from the medical staff I told her that was not yet possible.

"Give me your list and I'll get everything you need," I told her.

You can be assured that she does not NEED coffee cake, cookies and biscuits. But I decided, what the heck, at 90 years old you should eat what you like. It's not going to cause a health crisis, so coffee cake and cookies it was!

She's particularly fond of cookies that are sold at a local grocery store. I cannot fathom how this particular cookie display has escaped the critical eye of the government. The cookies are displayed in a large display case. You lift up the lid and use tongs to choose which cookies you like, mixing and matching to your hearts desire. They're weighed at the register and sold by the pound.

Individual loose cookies, opening cabinet doors, tongs...... probably a recipe for disaster but oh well, the cookies are wonderful.


They're made by Voortman's and since I was the shopper for Other Mother, I got to choose my personal favorites. Be still my heart. The flat sugar cookie on the left has slivered almonds, a light almond taste and dusted with sugar crystals.

On the right is an all time favorite - the Windmill cookie! The shape has changed, they used to be larger and more "windmilley". That's not a word but you get my drift. They also used to have slivered almonds on the top. Those are missing but it still has that spicey flavor that probably has molasses in the batter. OH YUMMY!

Do you have a favorite store bought cookie? I don't think any of those packaged varieties can hold a candle to these Voortman cookies. Certainly not the Pecan Sandies. WHO changed the formula for that cookie? It tastes nothing like the Sandies I remember from years ago. I do love Lorna Doone's shortbread cookies.

I'm off to wait for the physical therapist and later the nurse, then it's off to work.

I need a cookie.


Kay said...

Hi, Suzanne,
When I saw the photo of the cookies, I immediately reverted back to childhood. Those windmill cookies were always my favorite. Now I love me some chocolate, but if I had to choose between the two the windmill cookie would win out nearly every time. Even though they're not as big and don't have the almond slivers. They are still delicious!
I have a recipe for German Pfefferneuse cookies that I think I'm going to try this year. Have you ever made those? I wonder if I am in for a disappointment - or a mess. We'll see!
I hope you have a wonderful day today! Happy Advent - and Merry Christmas!!

Vee said...

Oh we used to have that cookie bin in the local grocery. My mother had a thing for the windmill cookies. I couldn't get beyond the sneezes.=)

Enjoy those cookies and I'm glad that the Other Mother feels well enough to enjoy a cookie. I agree with you, at 90, there's no reason not to enjoy some of the little things that bring us pleasure. Case closed. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you'd like to know that the your "windmill cookies" are called "Spekulatius" in German and are a traditional Christmas sweet here. They also come in other shapes but I think the windmill is the most common one.


Suzanne said...

Kay - Yes, I've made Pfefferneuse but they are a bit hard for my taste. I do love the spiceness of them though.

Vee - I know, you have to just put those things out of your mind when you are loading up those cookies! Luckily yesterday it appeared that the cookie man had just re-stocked the bin because there were no "empty spaces". I felt confident. HA.

Anonymous - Thanks for the info. I didn't know that. Those cookies pictured in the link you provided are exactly what the windmills used to look like. I bet the real German Spekulatius are much more delicious than the grocery store variety.

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

It sounds like you have been busy. I can tell you go with the flow, and don't get upset very easily. That's a good personality trait. Those cookies look wonderful. I can remember the windmill cookies from growing up. My favorite store bought cookies are from Germany. They have the best cookies over there. I like to bake so I make most of our cookies. I hardly buy cookies. Have a great day.

Kat said...

Brace yourself!
My grandma knows she can't drive, and she knows everybody in the world knows she can't drive.
Shortly after we took the keys, her 20 year old minivan's electrical system caught on fire. So now she revels in the story of how my aunt took her keys, took the car, and then wrecked it. "Otherwise," she tells everyone, "I'd still be able to drive."

Lisa D. said...

Love your attitude Suzanne! That really is half the battle sometimes. Hope the health crises come to an end soon.
We don't have cookies in those kinds of bins, but we do have buns, croissants, doughnuts, and then bulk nuts/grains/spices/candies. I love being able to buy just the amount I need.
We rarely eat storebought cookies. Most of them just don't compare to homemade. I do love Oreos, though. And Dad's cookies. And every once in awhile Goodie Rings. I haven't those ones in years though.

Mary Rex said...

I am in agreement with you about the loss of independence as we enter into our advanced years.Even at 57 I am noticing limitations.

For now, I am lucky that my 87 year old mom still drives very well, as she was the only one available to take me to the surgery center for my knee arthroscopy last week. Like I said, I am lucky.

I love the Windmill cookies, but I haven't seen them for I will just have to look. I think they are sold pre-packaged in our area.

I have to laugh about Kat's comment. My Grammie was 98 and living in an assisted living center nearby. Her story was that parking spaces were too expensive there, and so she had 'decided' to sell her car! Everytime we went to take her on an errand she would say "I wish I still had my car".

I wish you luck in your transition with Other Mother. I think you are right about the snow.

bv said...

are you in my pocket? i had that very talk with my father just the other day...after tip toeing around forEVER...protecting his pride. ya just gotta do what ya gotta do! and he heard me. and he is not happy. i hope you have a peaceful christmas season friend.

LDF said...

Yummy Voortmans cookies!!! I heart Voortmans cookies! Can't get them up here.

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Suzanne, Haven't thought of those cookies for years! I think Mom bought ours at the Goldblatt store on Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. The windmill cookies were special, and Mom and Buscia especially liked them. We kids waited for Christmas for the real cookies Mom baked...and now, I bake them. Take care my friend. Love, Penny

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