Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning Market Report

Let's do something different this Monday morning. Instead of sitting around the meeting table, let's get out and go to the market. I know some of you have said you'd love to visit someday but let's not wait till then. Let's go.First thing is to scope out the lay of the land. I went back to the farm the week before the first market date and checked out where I might want to set up the tent.


I decided to set up the tent behind that apple tree, next to the silos. My hope was that this would block the wind should it decide to kick up.

Weddings are held here every weekend during the summer. The wedding tent is huge.


It's HUGE.

I'm thinking a couple hundred guests easy. The sides can be removed in good weather to take in the views of the fields and the sunset. In inclement weather the sides come down. I've been in a tent just like this during a rainstorm and we were quiet cozy inside eating brunch.

Here's the resident peacock. Did you know that peacocks are incredibly loud? Photobucket

This is Katie, the farm market store manager. She's lovely and helpful.


As I mentioned the weather was foggy and chilly but no wind early in the day. My tent is not as impressive as the wedding tent but certainly easier to put up.


It's a 10 foot by 10 foot pop-up tent which is quite ingenious. That's my sister in the red shirt on the right behind the tree. She was a great help because she's set up these tents before. Don't you love the stars attached to the silo? That black thing on the left hand front leg of the tent is a weight bag. The tent must be weighted down or it's going airborne!

Here's the people from the Sugar Path. This woman makes the best pie - salted honey pie. Delicious.


I found this easel chalkboard at IKEA for $14.99. Perfect.


I love that apron pattern that's in the front. It's got deep pockets all across the front.

My sister and I are going to do a different tablescape each week. This is called spring luncheon.


One week we're going to do Mad Men, with vintage barware.


Here's the table.


There are vintage cookbooks, canisters and other things.

This apron sold right away. Flemenco apron!


Here's the dishcloths, coasters and vintage tablecloths.


Thanks so much for coming along the to market with me. I hope you enjoyed yiour visit. Now I'm off to sew more aprons!



Dorothy said...

What a lovely booth you have. I miss "doing" craft shows so much.
Every Sat in the Fall Season I had a booth in some little town around Kansas. I didn't venture too far but I so enjoyed those sales.
Hope yours was a great one.

Susan said...

Lovely booth and things to sell. Especially love the perfect calligraphy!!! :-)

Tess said...

The Flemenco apron is darling! I had to put on an apron yesterday and thought of you. I was frying up some hush puppies and was bound to make a mess.

Wishing you big success!

Mary Rex said...

I love your booth. The sign in your beautiful caligraphy is very inviting. Nice bunch of stuff too. Inspiring. Adorable aprons! :D

Vee said...

So stinkin' cute, Suzanne! What a great setup you have. I love my coasters and my apron and my dishcloth so I know that one could not go wrong with any purchase. Your calligraphy is the cat's pajamas. Hope that the easel is all paid for now! =D

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Looks like you were right at home! I still plan to make it one of these weekends but I'm so glad you showed us your new digs!


Unique Weddings said...

It is really cute. Good job.

franinoz said...

Suzanne the table setting idea is brilliant! How could anyone resist buying the whole lot? And of course, as always, your calligraphy is so beautiful.

MaddiesMom said...

Glad it went well for you. I wish I could have seen it in person but am so happy that you shared!

Pam said...

The apron in the table pic has material like one my daughter has made! Also, we have one of those easels, we use at the farmer's mkt. although I have to say you do a great job on the caligraphy, sure wish you could do ours! I have a friend who is picking me up a new easel today on her trip to IKEA, the old one is getting a bit worn and has gotten rained on a few times, going to let the grand kids have it. Glad your market went well, tomorrow is our first market this year, as I went on a wine tasting weekend last weekend the first market of the season. wishing you continued good sales! Pam

Lisa D. said...

Wow, I've been away for awhile! I have some reading to catch up on here!
Your table looks great, hope you have a lot of fun over the summer making and selling and visiting and spending time with your sister.
Yes, peacocks are very loud. My mother and father-in-law have peacocks. They can make a noise that sounds very much like a child's yell/scream. It took me awhile to get used to that one. They used to roam the yard freely, but they wanted to hang around the house all the time. They like a high perch so they would be on the roof of the trucks and the roof of the house and the rail of the deck. Birds of any kind are messy, but imagine cleaning up after a bird the size of a peacock! Consequently, they are now shut in their own pen.

Millicent said...

I just love EVERYTHING about your booth! Wish I lived closer (than Texas), so I could come see the market and buy a few things. Your aprons are so cute, and I love the tablescape idea. You have such pretty handwriting and did a wonderful job on the chalkboard advertising your wares. Bravo!