Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nine miles from anything

It's true, we live very rural, nine miles from anything in fact. We like it that way. Our tiny village is currently fighting a development project that has approached us over 40 times! They're persistent.

There is a gas station a couple of miles away but it's expensive an in questionable repair so we avoid it. Even though we're rural we are close enough to the greater Chicagoland area to have access to really neat stuff including used commercial bar and restaurant equipment.

Today we're going to March Foodservice Equipment Co. They carry both new and used equipment. Our neighbors told us about this place. They've created a fantastic in-home bar that rivals alot of restuarants. They also have a commercial kitchen in their basement where they process food and do their canning.

If you check out the March website you'll notice they carry bakery and deli cases.


We could be the first ones on the block with a gyro spit....or a pizza oven. I am drooling over that commercial range. Gas ranges rock!


My Kitchen Aid decided to take a vacation from mixing just before the holiday season - traitor. My little hand mixer almost started on fire attempting to pick up the slack. So if my Kitchen Aid is listening, I'll be looking at these:


AT HOME UPDATE: One of the best benefits of living in the country is that as I was typing this post a herd of deer bounded past the office window. And the good thing about that is....they hopped right past my plants!

Come back later and see what we found. I'm excited - thrifting on a big scale!


PamKittyMorning said...

I probably should go read more but what are you planning with your fun commercial stuff?

Sabina said...

A herd of deer? Out my window - as I type this - I am looking onto a quiet suburban street. It's a wonderful neighborhood and I do love it but I must say it cannot compare to a herd of deer. Lucky girl.

Suzanne said...

Sabina - Most of the neighbors are not so thrilled about the deer because they eat everything down to the nub. They can decimate a garden or a line of shrubs in no time. They pass through our property pretty quickly, from one wooded area to the next. They're not so excited about being out in the open and we're in the open on top of a small hill.

PamKitty - We're remodeling the basement and putting a nice bar down there. We did find a keg-a-rator and back bar coolers. It was a fun trip. More later.