Monday, March 31, 2008

Four Eyes

The dreaded day has come when I need to get an eye exam and choose new glasses. Since I'm quite old and have been wearing glasses since the 4th grade you can imagine I've owned every frame style imaginable. You really know you're old when the style come around for the second or third time!

My first pair were pink and white checkerboard cat's eye glasses. I'm surprised my mom agree to that but I suppose she figured if I loved them I'd wear them and take good care of them. There were the dark round glasses that cause a stir in my high school when everyone else was wearing rose colored hippie glasses. There were dark tortoise shell frames that were supposed to make you look smart and the HUGE Harry Carey frames of the '80s. Wow those were ridiculous. I have a photo but it's so scary I'll spare you.

My current glasses are Anne Klein's and I love them but they've fallen and they can't get up.


Don't mention the fact that I've never gotten around to putting a real photo into that mirrored frame so I have some phony family member there. Oh, and as you can see it's dusting day too.

These are my Ray Ban prescription sunglasses that I got when we went to Belize a couple of years ago.


Sunglasses are a must in Texas but in northern Illinois they're simply an exercise in optimism.

Here's a pair of vintage sunglasses I picked up while thrifting one day. I only wear these when I want to appear haughty, because there's no way I could identify anyone standing more than 12 inches away. Edit: It occurred to me that all that's needed is enough vision to see the Cabana Boy coming!


Besides I think I'm leaning towards some Ray Ban's.

I'll keep you posted. I'm going to one of those places that creates your glasses in an hour!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I think that you could wear just about anything, Suzanne. You have one of those classicly beautiful faces.

I so wanted the big round glasses that you described when I was in high school, but settled for less. I loved those huge things.

Yes, you'd better keep us posted!

Suzanne said...

Oh Vee....everyone needs a good friend like you. You're so good for my self esteem. Thanks, but remember I use Photoshop Facelift Version 1. HA!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I have some simple black frames that I've had for a few years...I just go back and forth with my contacts if I'm not too lazy to put them in.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

You'll look beautiful in anything you choose.

I recently had my eyes checked and am waiting for my glasses to come. Honestly, I can't even remember which frames I picked out. I guess I'll be surprised when they get here.

Vie Chaotique said...

Quite old eh? You look great to me! And I like the frame you are considering.

I have been wearing glasses for about as long as you. As soon as she could my Mom got me contacts. I wore hard lenses for about 20 years with no problem. About 5 years ago I started to have issue and so I have been wearing glasses again. I like them but my husband is not a fan. I have severe astigmatism so I can't wear soft - am thinking about lasik Any who here's the link so you can see the pattern I am going to be stenciling - Thanks for the tip!!

Suzanne said...

Aunt Jo - I relied on the young woman at the eyeglass place to help me choose frames. This is a place that offers eyeglasses in an hour, except one of the machines was broken! Maybe they'll be ready today.

Hey Punkin - They didn't have those exact black frames and when I tried some others on they were just too dark and accentuated the dark circles under my eyes! I ended up with a brownish frame by Anne Klein...I think. Now I can't remember.

La Vie - thanks for the link to the wallpaper/stenciling project. That should be absolutely beautiful. I hope you can return the paper. My best friend is a painting/wallpapering contractor and I know she wouldn't be enthusiastic about hanging that handmade paper.

Kelly said...

I really, really need to make an appointment. I have one wonky eye and I bent my glasses six months ago and haven't worn them since. All of this staring into a computer all day is making that one eye doubly wonky and it's time for an upgrade.

I like those Ray Bans!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful my darling ! Love the vintage sunglasses.