Saturday, March 29, 2008


Did I mention that the farmer gifted me with something beautiful while we were on vacation in the Caribbean?


It's a Larimar necklace and I love it alot. The first time I encountered this stone was on a trip to the Dominican Republic several years ago. I was entranced by the beauty of the light blue stone, similar to turquoise but a lighter blue shot with milky white resembling the foam created by waves in the surf. At that time I purchased a slide to wear on my silver chain of rice beads. They didn't have much to choose from in the way of earrings though, so I took a pass.

I worried about a necklace that would draw attention to a sixty year neck, but decided what the heck!

This time I found some lovely drop earring to go with the necklace. Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic. You can read more about it HERE.

When we were young and raising children there wasn't much money for luxuries. Our choice was for me to stay at home with our children while they were small and we did what we needed to do in order to achieve that goal. I drove the most interesting beater cars for, but not so pretty. I love my land yacht - the 1973 Olds '78.

I still have the little musical jewelry box that the farmer gave me one Christmas, with a note that said, "Here's a promise with this jewelry box that someday we'll fill it with something wonderful."

Wonderful indeed.

NOTE: Many, many kudos to whoever invented Photoshop. Even though I thrust my jaw to the heavens when I took the photo, "stuff" remained, somewhat removed with the healing brush. Also ran it through the diffuse glow filter.

Tomorrow is our trip in the way back machine. Don't miss it.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The Farmer sounds like a romantic man and he sure did a wonderful job keeping his promise. That necklace and earring set is beautiful and it looks beautiful on you!

Want to do Photoshop tutorials? I've been up to my neck in a Photoshop project all morning. There had to be an easier way!

Carletta said...

Lovely! A romantic farmer indeed.
The little jewelry box and notes is a precious keepsake.

Anonymous said...

What a nice gift! And I'm with you on the magic of photoshop!!

(out blog hopping today and came across your blog. You've got some great photos!)

Suzanne said...

Oh Vee - I've spent many, many an hour pouring over Photoshop books. You could literally get a college degree in this. I'm by no means an expert. Have you checked out the Pioneer Woman? She does lots of photoshop tutorials.

Carletta - I've always loved his sweet gifts....even when we were poor.

Kacey - I'm so glad you stopped by. If you like photos be sure to check out my photoblog - The Farmer's Wife. I've been publishing that for three years.

Mary said...

Oh, how sweet! It's a beautiful necklace -- such lovely stones. I'm crazy about turquoise, so I was very interested to learn about Larimar. thanks for sharing!