Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Battle of the Sponge, Bob

Fourteen years ago when we made the decision to combine households and live multi-generationally with The Other Mother it quickly became apparent that there were going to be some differences in the way we did things.

You see, it's very difficult, if not impossible for two women to share a kitchen. This is something I learned many years ago when I lived with a roommate. I'm sure there's a PhD in Women's Studies somewhere that has produced sufficient scientific evidence to support that statement. All their work was for nothing though because it doesn't need to be proven.....it's just one of those laws of nature. If you look at cave drawings closely you'll see one woman booting another one out of her kitchen!

The first disagreement was over the type of dishwashing tool we would use. I loved the sponge, which allows you to wipe off the dish or quickly turn it over to the scratchy side to remove any stubborn food. The Other Mother (and The Mother too for that matter) are of a shared generation which prefer the old fashioned cotton dishcloth. This presented a problem to me because you'd need to reach down and dig around for the silvery metal scrubber if you encountered any dried on food. See how my logic is supporting the use of the sponge? Well never mind because old habits die hard and in the case of The Mother and The Other Mother on the subject of dishcloths they don't die at all!!

And so, after a short period I simply threw in the sponge. I learned from raising kids about how to pick my battles and secretly told myself, "Ah, the sponge battle is lost, but not the war! The pantry shall be MINE!"

I adopted up the dishcloth, although I still wasn't liking the idea, especially since they were those skimpy store bought versions. And then it occurred to me, if I'm going to use a dishcloth it's going to be a nice thick cotton one.

I bought some crochet cotton and a hook and went to work churning out nice, substantial versions of the dishcloth. All was well in the Kingdom of the Kitchen.

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I know you're missing being in the basketball bracket pool now that March Madness is over. (Sorry Memphis, I was rooting for you!) And so I thought it would be fun to set up a little pool of our own called.....(drum roll please)


What's that you ask? It's a pool that celebrates the fact that men are well ........ just men. You see, last week when the farmer was away on business I got my new glasses. See? Anne Klein's, aren't they swell?


Anyway, the farmer got home on Friday night and.........(feel free to finish the statement) THAT'S RIGHT SISTER.....he didn't notice. And still hasn't. We're 6 days into the Anne Klein's, so don't bother to put in for days 1-6, just start with 7. The bill for the glasses comes in at about 30 days so you might not want to go beyond that number.

Choose a number and make a comment on this post letting me know when you think he might see the light. I will keep track of the pool. Don't worry, if more than one person enters a number I'll put the names in hat.

What's the prize you ask? Well, a set of THREE of my Battle of the Sponge, Bob Dishcloths of course - white, yellow and tomato red.


If you don't win, don't fret. Along with the name of the winner I'm going to post the pattern for dishcloth so you can create some for yourself.

And for those women who are making themselves miserable over the fact that your husband is not noticing your new haircut or new shoes, just put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Men DO appreciate the overall effect but they're not hard-wired to drill down to the particulars. Just revel in the fact that your girlfriend notices when you so much as change a SHADE of lipstick!

Not every woman in old slippers can manage to look like Cinderella. - Don Marquis

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NOTE: I won't be here tomorrow. I'm driving out to visit The Mother and The Sister. We're going to do some thrifting and pretend we're the ladies who lunch. We're going to have a pajama party too! So, I'll see you all on Friday. Be good.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh I'll be good and you have fun!

I was howling with laughter...howling! I'm so sorry that your dh didn't even notice, but what fun you've turned this into. I think that he'll notice the day that you return so that will be Day 8? Day 9? I'll go with Day N-i-n-e!

You're so right about two women in the kitchen, too. There's not a kitchen large enough for two females. LOL! It's fun to see how you've made it work for you. I love a good microfiber cloth in the dishpan these days. The colors of your dishcloths are wonderful!

Oh, may I say on my blog that you're having this little contest or would you prefer that I not?

Suzanne said...

Oh, absolutely Vee - mention it, please. I'm trying to build a publishing empire here you know!

- Suzanne

Abbie said...

Hi Suzanne!
Oh, your post just resonated so deeply with me! My MIL moved in in Dec when her husband of 52 years passed away. We are happy to say, she is here to stay, but good grief! the kitchen, ah... my kitchen. Sniff.. on to brighter things! :) I'll put in guess for the day the bill comes in! Because my hubby would definitely notice that! I crochet all sorts of washclothes and I just love them, although I do not use them for dishes, I use them for scrubbing little faces and washing highchair trays!
Have a marvelous time!
Do share when you get back!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thanks! I did!

GemStateMom said...

Oh...all of womanhood needs to read this post! It resonated so completely -- I'm still humming like a tuning fork from the laughter!

Hmmm...I'm going to be optimistic and say he will notice your new glasses this next Sunday, the 13th. I have no idea what day number that is.

Thanks so much for your encouraging 'pat on the back' on my blog. It is easy lose perspective as we dive into new, untried things... skillfulness always requires an investment of time.

Carletta said...

Suzanne, I come here as much for your humor as your posts! This one was a delight!
I'm just going to guess day 21 - oh to be 21 again! I secretly hope he notices sooner than that for goodness sake.

Kari & Kijsa said...

LOL....you are the best!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Hopped over here from Mary's (Litte Red House). Love your blog! Hey, I have hand knitted dish cloths. None of those wimpy store bought ones.

Hm, I'm guessing day 13. Maybe. Though the day the bill comes if probably a better guess...

Anonymous said...

Mine does notice,sometimes I wish he wouldn't notice, it's hard to hide anything that way. ;) I'm guessing a notice on day 12.

It's hard for me to share my kitchen with anyone. You must be very patient. My best to you.


~Tonya said...

Wow Suzanne, you sure had me laughing! Two ladies in the kitchen, as you said...

It can be done, but I think it also depends on the two people. And the dishrag thing...not a good experience in my life! Needless to say it happened about 3 years ago with grandma. I believe "New day, New rag"...Right? Well, not HER!

Till this day, she has disowned me and my kids and will not talk to any of us....how very sad is that?

So, I will just leave the dishrag thing alone...

About your glasses (lovely BTW), I think maybe hubby might notice them on the 14th day? Some are really fast about sending out the bills?

I do hope that he notices sooner thou. Some men notice everything and others....nothing.

Oh what fun to see when he notices. I can't wait to you let us know :)

Thanks for a good laugh,

diane said...

Too funny. Love the glasses, btw! Sorry, my guess is going to sound pessimistic but I argue it's more realistic,lol. My guess is at the 30 day mark you will have to show the farmer your new glasses.

Anonymous said...

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