Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mini-Field Trip

I'm proud to invite you along on a Farmer's Wife Mini Field Trip.

This video was shot with my Fuji camera and the quality is so poor that I view this as ammunition for my attempts at getting my first video camera. If that happens we can go on some real fields trips to interesting places like the wind farm in Paw Paw or to Wild Bill Hickcock's birthplace in Troy Grove, Illinois.

On our first mini-field trip we're going to go watch the corn grow. Bundle up because it's very cold here in northern Illinois and the wind is whipping across the fields in terrible gusts.

Don't forget to turn off the music before you start the video. It contains a riveting sound track.

Hope you enjoyed watching the corn grow. Like I said, next time we'll pack a picnic lunch and sit up at the cemetery and look out over the fields. In August we can go back and wait to hear the corn squeak. Yep, it squeaks!!

NOTE: Vee has asked whether I'm kidding about the corn squeak. No..I'm not. People I know to be truthful have said the corn squeaks. I've never heard it myself, but then again I've never spent a large block of time watching and listening. I'm sure there's a PhD somewhere who's done his doctoral thesis on the scientific basis for corn squeaks, I just haven't located it on the web. If you look on my sidebar you'll see a link to the Iowa Corn Cam. It seems to be down this morning, but keep checking back. There are lots of people in the city who watch the corn grow. Some offices turn the corn cam on first thing in morning and everyone checks out the progress of the growth. We'll return to the field when the corn is a little taller and I'll tell you how watching the corn grow got my stepfather through his cancer treatments.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You are teasing, right? I mean, I know I'm gullible and all...

Heather said...

This is fascinating. I had no idea that corn squeaked. Like, when it sways in the wind or what?

rebecca said...

My hubs (who practically grew up in a cornfield) says he has heard it.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I am so glad the corn is growing! You crack me up!

I have fond memories of playing in the cornfield on my grandmother's farm when I was much smaller than the cornstalks!

GemStateMom said...

Wow....NBC "must-see TV" has nothing on this. Riveting.


Suzanne said...

Yeah, this is exciting stuff out here.

No kidding though, in the near future I'll tell you the story about how watching the corn grow helped my stepfather get through cancer.

- Suzanne