Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Later.....

But first thing this morning I'll share this photo taken yesterday morning in my garden. The peonies are verging, which means they are on the verge of blooming.


What a difference a few hours makes. Late in the afternoon a tornado rolled through the area, touching down about 40 miles south of here.

One of the first sites I visit each morning is called Astronomy Photo of the Day. Take a look at the picture of the Mars Phoenix lander with it's scoop of Martian soil. Take a closer look. They've included a CD entitled, "Messages from Earth". I wonder if those are the same messages compiled a number of years ago and launched into space on a golden disk.

Photo from Mars

Perhaps extraterrestrials are saying, "Man, get a new message, will you?"


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you yesterday. Here in Milw. we had reports that tornados had been seen in the Harvard area in Il. and I thought you might live around that area. They did come this way but luckily didn't hit in my area. More up North and West. My peonies are blooming and after the storm are now laying on the ground. :(

PAT said...

I was thinking of folks in your area, yesterday. We had tornado watches in this area, on Friday. We've certainly had interesting weather, here in the midwest, this year.

We have only one small peony and it hasn't bloomed. Our neighbor's bloomed while we were at the lake last week. Then the storms came through, so they didn't last long. We had several peonies at the farm and I always had a jar or vase of them when they were in bloom.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

My college roomie lives in OK so she was telling me about these nasty storms of late...yuck! Gotta have grit to live in the Midwest.

My peonies and your peonies can have a race...they're neck and neck right now.

Tracey said...

First, thanks for your comment on my CMB post. I appreciate it. I am trying to remember that arguing over it anymore isn't worth it.

I tried living in a rural "town". We lasted all of 9 months. Yep. I am a BIG Suburbia girl. Though, I wish our new home had the big trees of our first house, I don't miss the constant dusting and lack of grocery store options of our second home. :)

But that pic of the tree-lined street definitely makes me wistful...

Suzanne said...

Anon- Thanks for the thoughts. We have so many tornado warnings and watches this time of year that we don't get upset unless they're very close or we see the "signs". Sky turning green is a good signal that things are about to turn really bad. We live south and east of Harvard, halfway between St. Charles and Sycamore.

Pat - The weather in the midwest has been very strange this year. All tales of global warming aside, I have never, EVER in my lifetime experience such cold weather so late in the season. I'm waiting until I can create huge bouquets of peonies in my house. BTW - this is "Sarah Bernhardt", a very beautiful pink peony.

Vee - I was thinking you need to have true grit to live in Maine. You know, all the n'oreasters and such. (Sorry, don't know how that's spelled). Oklahoma is totally in the middle of tornado alley. I love to watch those TV shows about the people who chase the storms. Sounds like a good vacation to me!

Tracey - You're welcome. I was just sharing my experience and it's very hard to let go of the worry. REALLY HARD.

I think we all decided where we feel most comfortable. Both the Farmer and I were raised just outside the Chicago city limits near Oak Park. We just both new when we grew up we'd start moving west until we got to open land. That's just what we did. That photo depicts a really beautiful and UNPAVED country road. That sign actually says "rough road" and they aren't kidding!!

Thanks to everyone for visiting today.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

KatKit13 said...

my peonies are in full bloom and the storms have pretty much killed the fuschia-colored ones.

They're on my blog - I updated yesterday. :)

I love peonies. Just love them.