Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Way-Back Machine


The time: Christmas 1957

The Place: Auntie Em's Living Room

Here I am, launching a lifelong love of reading. As you can see I started small. I am reading Little Lulu while a family Christmas party is in full swing in the basement. I've had to ask myself why because this is a scene that played itself out well into my 20's. I'd be at the home of a friend and everyone would be enjoying conversation but I'd be in some corner reading a magazine or whatever I could get my hands on. I was a social person, but somehow I just wasn't in the moment. It was very odd behavior.

I'm better now. I'm the one that's flitting around the cocktail party interviewing everyone. I love people. I love to know what makes them tick and where their passions lie. I've asked some doozy questions in my life but I've never had anyone be offended or not answer. I believe that's because they sense I'm truly interested in them and I am!

I supposed we all have some quirky behaviors. Do we stop and ask ourselves why? Or do we just accept that they're a part of who we are and what makes us unique?

NOTE: I cannot believe that I have NOT CHANGED MY HAIRDO SINCE 1957!!!! Look at the sidebar. Traditionally we take a trip in the Way Back Machine on Sundays. I've been lax about this for awhile, but my sister was moaning about the fact that I'd abandoned one of her favorite features so I got off my butt and dug around in the basement for some additional photos. The Way Back Machine is back!


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I had to laugh at this because I was the same way about books. I used to hang around with the Geesey twins who loved books as much as I did. When we would go to visit each other, we would spend time just sitting there reading each others' books! So funny to look back on that now, especially because I too am such a people person.

Life on Bonnie Lane

Suzanne said...

Oh I would have loved the Geesey twins! What kind of books did you like? I remember reading something other than Little Lulu. The Nancy Drew mysteries were high on my list.

- Suzanne

GemStateMom said...

The hairstyle may be slightly similar, but your current 'do has a more relaxed, chic feel to it. Must be due to the experience gained along the way?

Do hairstyles recycle like fashions do? Lord forbid that we see a return to the beehive, Farrah Fawcett big hair days...or sausage curls like Nellie Olson's in "Little House". "Ramona" would have loved to 'boing' those puppies!

I read voraciously as a youngster too...everything. Did you every encounter the aforementioned Ramona in your reading? (heh heh - not to tax your brain, but do you know the author?)

I wonder if those who constantly read as children/teens indulge in creative writing when they become adults? Is there a connection?

Kady, do YOU like to write? So far I have two people to support my new theory, Suzanne and me! LOL

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Yup, describes me to a tee right down to having the same hairdo, which I am going to also prove one day...ackkkkkk! I don't think I'm much better now, but I am so glad that you are! ;D

American in Norway said...

The way back machine...Love this idea! I want to do!