Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What Walter Said......

In my previous post I wondered why the moms of teens weren't blogging. They seemed to be absent from the blogosphere.

C.C. pointed out that they're not absent, they're just not blogging about their children. As a mom of a teenager she felt there would be a privacy issue line that would be crossed, and she is correct. I'm very glad she feels this way.

There are a number of privacy issues that arise when blogging about our families. As for teenagers I am reminded of something I heard Walter Cronkite say many years ago. I always kept it mind when I was raising my children.

Walter had entered a cocktail party and discovered that the guests were standing around talking about their teenagers, including details of trouble they'd gotten themselves into, romances and more. He was appalled, and said so.

Basically he lambasted the guests saying, "You would never stand around and talk about all the intimate details of your best friend's life. You would certainly not share these details with people who are mere acquaintances, why do you feel compelled to share the details of your children's life? Just don't do it."

I listened to Walter. It was very good advice.


Thirkellgirl said...

I'm the mother of teenagers and *I blog! In fact, more than half of my posts are about my daughters!

lifeinredshoes said...

Ooooo, Walter. Very good advice, especially for a blabber like myself! I think sometimes we talk about them in hopes that someone else will offer some remedy!