Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day in the Life

What a day. What a week. I just thought you might be interested in what happens in a day in the life, 9 miles from anything. It wouldn't seem that much of anything interesting would happen out here but the word itself is relative, it's meaning is dependent upon the viewpoint of the person on the outside looking in.

Let's see if you think the goings-on around here are interesting or not.

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TIN HORSES - I stopped for gas the other day and this tour bus was pulled off the side of the road. I've never heard of Wild Horses but a quick search on Dogpile revealed that they are a Chicago country group. I'm pretty sure that the term "Chicago country group" is oxymoronic, but I could be wrong.


ELEPHANTS ON THE ROAD - Yesterday on the way to the bank I saw an elephant. Really. There was a very, very large truck hauling what looked like an oversized cattle transport. The entire side was open and covered with some type of mesh. There was an elephant inside, just rocking back and forth and trumpeting his trunk. That's a pretty unusual site out here on the prairie, but I'm sure he's headed to the county fairgrounds. The fair is opening tomorrow. Sorry, no pictures of that event. The elephant passed before my camera would power up.

PROFESSIONAL CHAMPION BULL RIDERS - Just moment after seeing an elephant I saw a Professional Champion Bull Rider's SUV. How did I know? It was plastered, I mean EVERY INCH of this very large SUV was plastered with graphics and writing! It seems that professional bull riding is quite lucrative. There must have been a very hunky professional bull rider driving but who could tell? My eyes were blinded by the graphics.

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BUYING FOOD AND NOT COOKING - I drove a couple of towns over and bought a Hunk-O-Pork and Lots-O-Lettuce at Sam's Club. I've included the Farmer's Wife standard of measurement, the martini glass, so you can judge how large that pork loin actually is.


The Farmer started his career as a butcher and so he'll cut this into two pork roasts and a number of boneless chops, all for $15.00.

I was too tired to cook. I was worn out from thinking about elephants, so I drove over to Alice's and had mini-tacos. They're a heart attack waiting to happen but what the heck. For dessert I had a chocolate/vanilla large twist cone. Sorry no photo of the cone because I scarfed it down.


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COUNTY FAIR - The County Fair opens today and the bull riding competition is this evening at 7:30. You voted this as one of your top two selections on my poll of what you'd like to do at the Fair. Check back for some photos, hopefully tomorrow.

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ABOUT THE FARMHOUSE that was featured in yesterday's post. You need to understand that I ran it through a Photoshop filter called "diffuse glow". This is the equivalent of the fuzzy lens that they use to photograph aging film stars. This poor farmhouse is in terrible condition. I was alone when I stopped to photograph the property and I broke my rule about entering these structures alone. They are not safe. Some have been known to fall over in a stiff wind. There is also the possibility that it is still home to more than wildlife. There are squatters and druggies who frequent these places. Lucky for me it was empty....for the moment. The house looks much larger than it is. The rooms were some of the smallest spaces I've ever seen. Fit for a hobbit or very small Norwegian immigrants. One wing was added on and ready to fall off. The inside was in deplorable condition and was a bizarre, cobbled together rabbit hutch of rooms. This one is probably not going to be saved.

APRONS. For those of you who don't sew and those who asked about whether I offer my aprons for sale. Yes, I will be offering aprons and some other items when I open a Farmer's Wife Marketplace next week. I'll also be selling those two picnic baskets that were featured in our Summertime Picnic, so stay tuned!

The truth of the matter is that my sister and have a problem when it comes to shopping in thrift stores. We find the most fabulous "stuff" and simply must buy it, although we certainly don't have a lot of room for more "stuff". We just can pass up the items we know to be of a good quality and design. We have a growing mass of mid-century items that are becoming more and more difficult to hide from The Farmer and The Electrician. So from time to time we'll offer them to you! How does that sound?

I want to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy day to visit here "At Home.....". And for those of you who have made it through this very eclectic post......double thanks!


Mental P Mama said...

For someone 9 miles from anywhere, you sure get a bunch of stuff done! Love that house...

Lucy said...

I LOVE this blog. I'd read it any time. It's 4:00 a.m. in the morning. I think I should be sleeping but this is more fun.

Molly said...

I really enjoy checking in with you every day. I drink my morning coffee and read. Thanks!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh my! It's amazing what happens 9miles from anywhere! LOL!
I really enjoyed reading about your day! Too fun!

Louise said...

I love eclectic posts, but HOLY COW! No wonder you're tired. I would have stopped at Alice's, too!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Suzanne, put me down as one who is very interested in one of those picnic baskets! We've been looking for one all summer long without any luck.

I like eclectic, too! Very fun post.

Sometimes we need some comfort food. It's safer than drugs or booze.

Oh, I see by posting early with the new blog feature that you avoided the picture difficulties. It's stressing me out...perhaps I need an Alice's in my corner.

Rene said...

Oh...the "movie star filter"...I know that well. I absolutely insist that all my paparazzi use that filter!!

Mamahut said...

I live 10 miles from our town and I have never seen an elephant or a bull rider, well a professional one anyway. They all claim to be bullriders around here phsha. It sounds like a fun time of the year around there.

Karen said...

'The Nugget' casino out in Sparks, used to have a couple of elephants that they used in a floor show. At least twice a day, they would walk the elephants from the elephant house to the casino, right down the main street. It was quite a sight and nobody minded the traffic jam it used to cause, either :-)

That Professional Champion Bullrider was probably one of the many that I saw in Reno, recently. We had heaps of here for the Reno Rodeo. Walmart was full of cowboy hat, boot wearing, hunky looking cowboys. :-)

Shame about the farmhouse ... but if the rooms would have fitted hobbits, then I'd be right at home!!!

Looking forward to your store opening ...

Mary said...

You are too funny, Suzanne -- I love it! It used to be my goal in life to love nine miles from anywhere, but now I think my new goal is to spot a hunky championship bull rider. Yum.

Suldog said...

I love this blog! Very esoteric, a goodly amount of humor, lots of pleasant talk. Thanks!

lifeinredshoes said...

Speaking about the elephant, have you read Water For Elephants? Very good. And I could still live Nine Miles From Anything!

Laura said...

Sounds like a busy day on the prairie. I hadn't thought of cutting up those big huge tenderloins into smaller ones. Duh! :-)

Oh, and the house, I kind of have my own version of "diffused glow" in my brain. It is weird in that when I see an old abandoned house, I can see it as it used to be. Just one of my many little quirks! I still love the house!

Vie Chaotique said...

Thanks for your comment - glad I am not the only one feeling the way I do. We bought/sold two houses inthe course of the last four years. Both times the banks pushed heavy for ARM and Jumbo and all sort of nonsense. Now I don't think I am the sharpest tool in the shed - but I have enough sense to know when something doesn't sound right. We averted disaster with a little common sense. I like your internal combustion - actually made me laugh out loud. And 9 miles from anything there's a lot more going on there then where I am at.

Donna said...

Why'd you have to tell us that farmhouse was falling down? I was fantasizing about moving 9 miles from nowhere myself.

You and I must be opposite twins, as I live nine miles from Beijing, China, and I've never put down tile in my life. (I did make an apron once, but it took days and days and days - the sewing machine is still in the garage, recovering from my amateur efforts to manipulate it).

I'm enjoying your blog - quite possibly because the life you describe is so completely not mine. I'll be back.

Janet said...

Gee, I almost hit a deer today and I don't live 9 miles from anything. Sure did give me a nice adrenaline boost, but alas it wore off.

I will miss your entertainment while I am gone, but will have fun catching up in a couple of weeks.


TIN HORSE said...

Hi Suzanne. What a nice surprise to find our tour bus on your blog, which we love, BTW. We didn't see your camera in the grass so figured this was a pretty inconspicuous place to pull over. We've been out on the road this summer, often more than 9 miles from anywhere, but we will be about that far from you on August 16 when we play South Elgin's Riverfest Express. Maybe you can make it?

Suzanne said...

Mental p mama - I always have fun adventures out here including videotaping such memorable events as a large piece of farm equipment that blew a tire!

Lucy - It's just for you that I publish at 2 a.m.

Molly - Just don't spill on the keyboard or spit on the screen, OK?

Carolyn - Sometimes I can't believe the stuff that happens.

Louise - I had too much coffee. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Vee - I'm putting you down as interested then. What picture difficulties are you having? Is blogger misbehaving??

Rene - Remind me to do a post on the Photoshop "Facelift" filter! I've used it on myself many times.

Mamahut - Don't listen to them. They're not real professional bull riders unless they're driving tricked out SUV's.

Karen - I would love to see an elephant on his daily commute!

Mary - stay put. What would we do if you moved from the Little Red House??? Seriously.

Suldog - Yeah, you never know what you're gonna get. It's the subject-du-jour.

Red Shoes - I've heard of the book....wasn't there a Water for Chocolate too? Elephants for Water, Water for Chocolate.....very confusing.

Laura - I know. I rarely see old structures as they really are. Like you, I see them in their prime.

Vie Chaotique - No! Where you live is WAY more exciting. I'm positive about that.

Donna - I'm sorry for bursting your bubble. There are plenty of other perfectly restorable farmhouses. I'll be sure to find some soon. We are dopplegangers then?? Who shall be the evil one?

LOOK EVERYBODY - - Tin Horse has arrived!! Guess what? I've already added the South Elgin show to my very, very busy social calendar.

BittersweetPunkin said...

ooh...a shop...can't wait. I have lots to list in my shop but I think I will wait ..I am really enjoying my summer without the stress of packing and shipping anything.. don't see an elephant every day that's for sure!
I had a full day..only able to visit you and Vee...I'm going to get my PJ's on...

Ritch in Love said...

An elephant! That was my favorite part of your ride! In some strange way i thought that sounded somewhat a small scene from Big Fish, the movie. (Elephants are one of my favorite creatures.)

Leslie said...

Whadaya mean "no picture of the cone"? It is right there on top of Alice's!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thanks! Put me down as one who is very interested.

Blogger corrected their problem mid-morning, thankfully.

Tiffany said...

Hey, forget the fair and just park on the side of the road! Elephants and Bull Riders and Bands, oh my!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I thought farm life was supposed to be calm to the point of boring? Elephants, tin horses, bull riders, mini tacos, I can't keep up. Since I've made a conservative effort to conserve gas it's a big deal for me to go to "town", which is WalMart 20 minutes away. And I don't see anything like that on my way! Can't wait to see what you have for sale. Blessings, marlene

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

You almost mad me cry with the description of that house. I'm awful silly :)

We didn't take the offer. I would have liked to tell them something very unpleasant, but I restrained myself ;)